Friday, February 19, 2021

Hipster Holocaust Chapter Two

Hipster Holocaust Chapter 2

Detective Charlie McCarthy looked over the rail on the Carroll Street Bridge over the Gowanus Canal and spit while a thin drizzle fell on everything and bounced off the surface. A police diver fell backwards of the side of the police launch. And bounced. He had to cut a hole through the surface scum as though he was an ice fisherman freezing his balls off on a lake in Minnesota. How he was going to find anything was a mystery but they still had to try. They had a report that there had been a jumper last night and some blood evidence on the rail that was enough for the shit heel captain to demand that they investigate.

 His partner Julio Torrez walked up carrying two cups of coffee with the plastic tops attached. “Hey Dummy what’s happening?” He handed over a coffee and they both ripped off a small tap so they could sip the coffee while keeping the cover on to protect it from the rain. “Did they find anything or are we just jerking ourselves off here?” 

“Nothing yet Beaner but they just started. How the fuck they gonna find anything in this shit is beyond my freaking understanding. I think that twat captain is just busting our balls with this shit.” 

“I don’t know jefe. They said they had a witness. Some old biddy looking through her window. Said she saw some dude in a hoodie push a girl over the side.” 

“How the fuck did she see that. There nearest house is half a block away. What the fuck does she have Xray fucking eyes?” 

“Opera man.” 

“What the fuck are you talking about? Opera. What she was singing? You are one dumb Rican you know that.” 

“Nah man she had Opera Glasses. She is one of the liberals that moved in. A fucking college professor or some such shit. She had a pair of Opera glasses and she looks out her window and writes down what she sees so she can call 411 to complain. Logged over 100 complaints so far this month. Only this time she called and got right through to the Captain.” 

“Well how the fuck did she do that? What did they just put her through? What da fuck?” 

“No dude her name is Karen Cohen. She went to summer camp with the Captain and shit. They probably licked each other like a lemon ice man.” 

“Great another Jew bag. I shoulda retired like my third wife told me too before she split. What a shit show.” 

The diver burst though the scum blanket that cover the canal and not without effort. He was about five yards from the boat and was waving his hand. The boat putt putted over to him and they threw him a line. He went back down and everyone waited for a minute holding their breath. Too be fair everyone had been holding their breath the whole time since it smelled like the monkey house at the Prospect Park zoo. There was a series of tugs on the line and the two coppers in the boat started pulling up the line. They had caught something. A body. Covered in slime and debries. Pampers, plastic bags. Maybe a condom or three. They rolled the body into the skiff and waited for the diver to come up. When he did they pulled him in the boat. The maneuvered up to the bridge and the sergeant in the boat called up. “Hey Dummy we got a fresh one for ya. Wadda wanna us to do? Bring it to the dock or bring it over here and you can take custody?” 

“Shit forensic is here. Just bring it over to the dock in the back of the furniture warehouse on 9th. I’ll have these guys go over and take custody so they can bag her. No need to go back to your shop. Thanks Flynn. Thanks a lot. Now I got another body on my tab. Fuck it never ends.” 

The partners looked at each other and sighed in unison. “Let’s get over there and get this shit show on the road. Oh and give Captain Jew Bag a call and let her know we found a stiff. That will give her a lady hard on now that she is finally right about something.” “Ok Dummy I will call it in.” 

They went to the unmarked Toyota and drove on to Third Avenue. This was really going to be a shit show. Cause the still looked white. And young. And a cooze. A shit show of the first water. Fuck. Some days it didn’t even pay to get up.


ndspinelli said...

Still enjoying, thanks.

Sixty Grit said...

"A lady hard on" - Trooper, you have a way with words, that's for sure.