Sunday, February 7, 2021

I am happy to be watching some old TV shows tonight.

 I used to consider this a big day. We would go out to a party or a bar and watch the game. I would be in a bunch of pools with the boxes in bars all over the city. I won $10,000 once in the pool at The Quiet Man Pub in 1986. Still and all I have absolutely no interest in the National Felons League and all of its parts.

Once they started kneeling I stopped watching. I threw away all of my old jerseys and team merch. I often have to tell people when they talk about the games that I don't watch anymore and I curse the league and hope they fail.

Some dim bint at Red State says we should all watch the game. Also watch socialist controlled dreck like the Oscars and the Emmys because if we don't we concede the culture to the socialists. What a crock of bullshit. We all need to take our economic power and refuse to support these shit heads. I haven't seen one minute of late night TV in seven years. I haven't seen an NFL game in five. There is more than enough product on streaming services to avoid giving anything to these whores. Anyone that suggests otherwise is a quisling who wants to surrender.

Stay strong. Watch reruns of Combat and Have Gun Will Travel. Hulu has "The Gunfight at OK Corrall" on its list this month.

Fuck the National Felons League. I hope they all get concussions and drive into a concrete embankment.


Some Seppo said...

I was rooting for SMOD but it didn't happen. At least that smirk was wiped off Mahomes' face.

edutcher said...

Red State is where old Libertarians go to be irrelevant.

MamaM said...

It was a strange game. I don't recall ever seeing a quarterback chased so much around the field.