Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Rush Limbaugh has died.

 He was the man. He redefined Conservatism. He took off its Brooks Brothers suit and put it in a sport coat for work and a flannel shirt for the weekends.

In the old days, when somebody read the Lefties correctly, they'd say, "You're just being paranoid. We're people like you. Would we do such a thing?". And then said Conservative would ask him/herself (we only had 2 genders in them thar days), "Am I the only one who sees this?".

Then Rush came along and people realized, no, they wren't being paranoid, the Lefties aren't people like us, and they would do such things every chance they got, but, most of all, they realized they weren't the only one who saw it.

He got past the wall of Big Media and talked to the people directly, much as Trump does, and he was the one who let Conservatives (and Republicans) know they could fight back and win. Once Rush came along, the days of the Whigs and the Libertarians were numbered. He made it OK to criticize the Safety Net and the "homeless" and the slob culture the Left created.

Without him, there would be no Sarah Palin, who warned us of death panels. Without him, there would be no Donald Trump, who turned back the Overton Window in so many ways.

And, most importantly, without him, there would be no Mark Levin, Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, or Mark Steyn to carry on his important work.

His service to the country and Conservatism (pretty much the same thing these days) is incalculable. Before him, Reagan was a one-off. Now he is the beginning of the end for the Left.

Rest easy, you had plenty of troubles, but now you get a richly-deserved reward.


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Some Seppo said...

So sad. Rush not only broadcast what couldn't be said in traditional media, he saved an entire industry... AM radio.

Lem said...

Sadly. We shall miss him greatly.

Trooper York said...

Excellent post ed. Great job.