Sunday, February 28, 2021

I want to go to Yellowstone too!

Just in time for the bathing season. Just sayn"


chickelit said...

Not sure I'm young enough to watch this...

...and dammit Troop, I don't post anything for months and sure enough you barge in with a barrage of posts.


Sixty Grit said...

That doesn't look like it was filmed in Montana.

Trooper York said...

Sorry chickie I didn't see your draft.

Tell you what I will stop posting for the rest of the day and schedule my stuff for tomorrow.

That will put you post on the top for the rest of the day.

Sorry for jumping on your post.

Trooper York said...

Hey be sure to use the scheduling feature to put your piece on the top. Just schedule it for a half hour a head of when you post it so it will go to the top. That will jump it ahead of my last post.

edutcher said...

So bare behinds (hers isn't that great) and free the nipple isn't nudity on TV.

PS Nothing wrong with that broad a smack in the mouth when she was about 10 wouldn't have cured.

Some Seppo said...

I watched until I got bored. About 2 minutes. Flat white woman butt doesn't hold my interest much but she did have nice decolletage. One of my favorite winter decorations has a graphic announcing Le Tits Now!

Well, Sunday night's Falcon 9 liftoff was scrubbed at T minus 1:22. But we did have a very nice park on the water across from Pad 39A to sit for 2-1/2 hours. Too bad you can't see the Pad itself from there due to a high dune or hill in between. If I didn't have to work Thursday I'd go back to Cocoa for the rescheduled launch this evening.

We're near Valdosta, GA proximate to Moody AFB. I was way crashed last night and the wife said that a jet came screaming over the RV Park and shook the camper. I looked it up and sure enough, Moody is home to an A-10 wing. I saw and felt the same thing lots of times when I lived in Myrtle Beach and 354th and 353rd A-10 Squadrons were stationed at the now closed MBAFB. 354th was very active when Saddam was kicked out of Kuwait.

No trailer driving incidents to report, except I can now prove Camping World sucks, as if anyone who deals with them didn't already know that. The idiots don't print and enclose the Owner's Manuals (apparently available online only) for the two most important safety items along with the rest of the camper paper work... the weight distribution hitch and the trailer brake controller.

I figured out that both were set up at Camping World, part of their "camping ready" ripoff service, for a completely empty camper and the walk-through guy never mentioned that once you load up you need to go through the proper procedure for both before traveling. You have to have a level surface for hitch setup which I don't have at home and you need a flat empty stretch of road for trailer brake setup.

Got those done yesterday morning before heading north from Cocoa and the drive through Orlando and up I-75 to south Georgia were so much less harrowing. Tonight in Atlanta and home in Nashville Wednesday.