Tuesday, February 2, 2021

What do you do when you are snowed in .....why you eat of course!

When you are snowed in like we were the last couple of days the only thing to do is eat. We stocked up on Sunday so we had plenty of stuff to munch on while we watched the blizzard outside.

Now we are pikers compared to youse guys who live in Minnesota or Wisconsin or those other states that are blighted by snow storms and horrible law professors. So we really shouldn't complain to a blizzard once every couple of years.

I decided to not go crazy since I am already a fat bastard and I can't afford to get any fatter as it puts a strain on my ticker. Last night I made a nice beef bourguignon with a wonderful red wine sauce. Tonight it will be gluten free lasagna. It's lunch that is tricky.

You see I can't go with the old staples of grilled cheese or a meatball hero. Too much bread. Bread is my kryptonite. So we go with a nice Meditanrrean lunch of cheese and salami and olives. That's too kinds of cheese. Manchego and a goat gouda. Artichoke hearts marinated in vinegar. Also too kinds of olives. Add a couple of crackers and you are all set.

I miss Chip and his food posts. I go over to his food blog  and catch his recipes. He seems to be ok and I hope all is well with him. Sometimes you can burn out on a blog and he posted up a storm here for quite a while. I wish he would come back and post once in a while with a food oriented piece. He can even copy and paste some his old posts like I do with the Trooper York blog stuff. It will be new to most of us and would bring a lot to the blog.



Amartel said...

It would be great if Chip came back! I never knew what happened there and it's not my business anyway. I do get having an explosive temper and it's hard to picture how to come back from things afterward but I doubt anyone here would mind a reappearance. Maybe?

Amartel said...

Excellent storm provisions .. . other than olives. I hate olives for some reason. Chip would probably disapprove.

Trooper York said...

We all get our knickers in a twist now and again.

I reached out to Chip on his blog but got no reply.

I would love if some of our other contributors would stop by and comment or post.

You know like Lem. Who started this joint.

Just sayn'

MamaM said...

The heart of the matter, and Levity's continued vitality centers around the answers to these questions:

What are you looking for when you click on Levity?
What does the experience of stopping by to read or comment at Levity involve for you?
What need does Levity meet or address for its readers as well as those who comment and post?

In our current political situation, where things are and are not as they seem, honesty, humor, historical perspective, and a sense of balanced awareness are in short supply, along with opportunities to engage in free expression and the exchange of similar or differing perspectives. It seems to me this blog still provides a place for that to take place, with its continuation depending on what matters most to those who stop by or put time and effort into posting.

ndspinelli said...

I too reached out to Chip on his blog. He is missed here by myself and others. But, one has to take care of themselves and I think that's what he's doing. As long as he's happy, that's all that really matters.

After the recall petition hit 1.2 million Gavin Newsom loosened the Gestapo rules. Last night we ate in a great Italian restaurant, Cesarina. It's in the Point Loma section of San Diego. Great trivia question. What 2 Yankee pitchers who threw no hitters went to Point Loma HS?

Cesarina is owned by a guy right off the boat. San Diego has been a place for Italian immigrants for generations since its climate is so much like southern Italy. Many of the diners are Italian. Superb food, classic Italian service[no rush or pushing food/drink], and wonderful atmosphere. It attracts many birthday celebrants as the male waitstaff all sing Happy Birthday in Italian. Dining outside, they offer nice hot water bottles covered in burlap for your lap. My package was warm the entire meal. I signed the recall petition on Saturday and hop it reached 1.5 million, then indoor dining will open.

edutcher said...

Chip knows we have his back, I think. A great Renaissance man (how many people do heiroglyphics?), I believe if he got mad at something, he thought it over and probably calmed down. It was my understanding health reasons were the cause, but what do I know?

ndspinelli said...

Cesarina is owned by a guy right off the boat

My first instinct was a rimshot. Y'know, "Bet he wishes got right back on it", kind of thing, but I remembered how Italy sent so many of its victims of its "free" health care over here, basically to spread the Pooh Flu and then die, and I asked myself, "Self, even with all that and Newsom's lockdown, it still might be better here in his eyes".

ampersand said...

We had a foot of snow over the weekend. It drifted over 2 feet in parts of my drive way and no accumulation in the center. It took two hours to work through, the worst being what the snow ploughs leave at the end of the driveway. I think they're trying to kill off us old people. I lost two pounds afterwards and I was using a snow blower.

MamaM, after doing my emails this is the first site I hit. I don't always comment but read it daily. I wish the lurkers would pipe up once in a while.

Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

Chip does eat well. I like his posts.

tsquared said...

I see a feast there. My wife would have one salami slice with the cheese and turn up her nose on the rest.

I finished off the Chicken noodle soup I made this weekend. 2 chicken breasts pan broiled and shredded, 1.5-2 qt chicken broth to cook half a bag of egg noodles, once noodles are done add chicken, half a stick of butter, a pint of 1/2 & 1/2, salt, and pepper. High carb, high fat, and lots of calories. Good comfort food. The wife likes chicken breast but I prefer this with thigh meat, cooked peas, cubed carrots, and cubed butternut squash added while cutting back on the noodles. There can be a lot of variation in the recipe.