Sunday, February 7, 2021

Hey is Blake the film critic at The Ace Of Spades HQ?

 You know I have been a faithful reader of the Ace of Spades HQ and I have noticed some clues about their main movie critic. He uses a lot of terms that our old friend Blake used to use when posting at my old blog. For instance he calls his son The Boy and his girl The Flower as he writes about their reactions to the various movies he is reviewing.

This week he writes an interesting review about Westerns that plays into what edutcher and I always talk about. I am ever more convinced that it it s Blake. 

I wonder if I can persuade him to comment over here?


Sixty Grit said...

Drag him back. Also, the hat that the Duke is wearing in that picture is awesome!

ampersand said...

The phantom moved to California, was elected to Congress and served almost 20 years. I think the Wax museum was in his district.

chickelit said...

Yep, that's Blake.