Monday, February 22, 2021

Some pigs are more equal that others.


Have you seen the new Equalizer? It's actually not that bad. Sure we have some bad lives matter virtue signaling and the white guys are always the villains. The hero is a 50 year old fat black woman but that is fair enough. The original Equalizer was a 70 year old English dude. What makes this one bullshit is that Queen Latifah knocks out 20 year olds doing karate. This is a continuing sore spot with me because I hate when a 100 lb girl beats up 300 lb German terrorist guys. The old school Equalizer didn't do karate. He just shot them.

The thing is that they don't really hit you over the head with the anti-white bias. It's there but you can sort of ignore it. I am afraid it is good as it can be in the current climate.

Also starring Adam Goldberg as the smart Jew on the computer. That seems to be the only part he can play these days.

Not recommended but if you have to watch something because you can't get a streaming service you can check this out.


edutcher said...

The old one was better.

Classier. You can't beat an English Shakespearean actor.

Amartel said...

It’s a formulaic show that will rise or fall on the charm of the leads.

Trooper York said...

I think it will be ok because Queen Latifah is pretty amiable. If she played the normal angry black woman nobody would watch it.

So she gives it the modified minstrel show treatment.