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I remember seeing the Wilson sisters when that song* came out:

I wonder what they thought about playing for a crowd of teenaged boys?

*Heart's drummer stole that basic 4/4 drum beat (with bass drum triplets) from John Bonham's Achilles Last Stand.

Full, misheard lyrics after the jump

Happy Valley

Trooper was right, Happy Valley is an excellent show. Centered around hard ass cop Catherine Cawood, each of the two seasons follow the story arc of  a different crime. But the heart of the show is the personal life of Catherine and her sweet sis and her sweet but difficult grandson. The theme of the show is the love and responsibility we feel for our children.

Improve your posture

Green Brothers, food prepared in advance

The idea with them is keep the cost down. When these two are together a dynamic sets up. Josh fits in his family as ADD child, and that comes to the surface in the presence of his brother. I thoroughly enjoy watching him acting the nut. He cannot stand still when his brother is talking. He silently interrupts his brother continuously by drawing attention to himself with hand motions and exaggerated facial expressions. To me, he's hilarious. At one point the first brother asks, "is he humping me?" Sure enough Josh was behind him pretend humping him. He knows his goofy brother too well.

When he's by himself, Josh is an entirely different person, sensible and stable.

When my dad died my family assembled from across the country. My sibs were at a loss how to organize a reception. We relied on one of Dad's favorite places to knock back a few, the VFW where he was well known. 

I had executor responsibility from before his death, I paid all his bills, so I went around using his card for the things that we needed. I'm recalling this as I write, Sam's Club was the only place that gave me any trouble about that. I remember because my brother mentioned it at Sam's to make the guy feel bad. They're very careful and protective about stolen cards. 

Among other things, chief among them a dozen rotisserie chickens and the Sam's Club version are BIG, I bought jumbo shrimp for 150 people, thereabouts, and all that had to be peeled. My younger brother James stayed with me at my apartment and peeled shrimp long into the night, finally cooking it and chilling it for the next day. Exceedingly tedious work. And those hours we spent working together to see through this event foisted upon us is one of my fondest family memories of all time. Not just the best of that episode, but of all time. My brother is pure pleasure to work with no matter the sad and urgent and pressing circumstance. There is no one better for me. That is what this video reminds me of. Two brothers goofing around cooking, having a great deal of fun being silly, while still cooperating beautifully, and actually doing something productive and meaningful.

"It seems you've fallen behind. I'm peeling more shrimp than you are."

"I believe you're mistaken. Perhaps you became confused. I'm peeling more shrimp than you are."

"Oh, certainly, not that anyone's counting. By far, I am peeling the most shrimp."

"There's a good chance you're quite wrong. We see that you're tired. I've been ahead all along." 

Here is Josh by himself showing his viewers what can be done with food planning using the money that would be spent on a large daily coffee at a place like Starbucks. He could have used a pack of cigarettes a day for the same example. Without his brother he's a lot less goofy. 

Resize a belt

I want a light brown belt with hexagonal studs. But not regular hexagons, elongated hexagons so that the pattern looks like snake scales. And I looked everywhere. Amazon has only regular hexagons. I found them in black but I don't want black. And those are $150.00. Incidentally, the style is called "punk." What's up with that? Wait, here's one for $99.00.

This one is on eBay from Britain for $38.00 including shipping. But it's black.

The hexagons are arranged properly fitted with no spaces for maximum snake scale replication. I like this, and now I can see more clearly why they keep calling them punk.

I found what I want on Wish, the very strange site with all the weird junk. And that right there should tell me I'm out on thin ice. Guilt by association. Trouble is, the smallest size is 105, whatever that is. I presume centimeters. I ask the internet simply [belt size 105] and see other people have this same question. 

When is the world going to wise up and comport with American sizes? Don't they get it that we are the most important global market? Get with the program already. Gawl. 

Notice the studs are not tightly fit allowing the leather to show. It's not solid studs all the way across.  In a way, though, the diagonal row arrangement is more like a snake. Their scales are tightly fit, but not actually hexagonal, and arranged in diagonal rows that continue around, not just three. Three rows of elongated hexagons resemble honeycomb more than they resemble snake scales

The guy in this video takes twelve minutes to ... tell ... you ... to ... shorten ... the ... buckle ... end ... not ... the ... end ... with ... the ... holes.  Don't watch it, he's too slow.

The guy in this video takes 55 seconds to say the same thing, except his buckle end  is different. It is a clamp and does not need to have holes punched or the end shaved down to be thinner so that it's not doubly bulky.

And neither one has to pull out hexagonal studs. But point taken, shorten the buckle end, not the end with the holes. None of the videos I watched say why. Maybe because the cut part must be stained to match. I wish they would explain their reasoning. 

I have leather tools in a shoe box that haven't been used in 40 years. A friend offered to buy them but I was like, no way, I could use those some day. This is going to be fun. 

Imagine it. I can wear this studded snake belt anywhere, church, posh cocktail parties, funeral receptions, biker club meets at scary bars, skate boarding conventions, Comic Con, gay pride parades, Labor Day bbq, bar mitzvahs, weddings, with a tuxedo or 501 Levi's, with a suit and white shirt with cufflinks and pocket square or with cut offs, for feast of remberance or for gardening. It's totally versital. 

Low pass

Full screen for maximum fun.

Starbucks chairman says their bathrooms are open to all

Story at Information Liberation. I realized this is mere irritation, more provocation, that's not worth the trouble of watching it fizzle.

Who cares what Starbucks does and and doesn't do with their bathroom? Did you care about Starbucks' bathroom tribulation?

At first I thought the article meant the bathrooms would be converted from men and women to men and women and everything in between and beyond. Assumed by the title alone. But skipping the article and dropping down to comments showed that they mean everyone. Including ... dun dun DUN ... non-customers. I was wrong because transgendered bathrooms were a huge discussion last night on a European site, and all the usual accusations were flung back and forth, and the customary control through language, don't call them tranny's that's the same thing as saying, "I'd like to introduce to my faggot uncle Frank,"  and I realized this discussion was intended to divide. It's people drawing attention to themselves, look at me, look how odd I am, look how horrible you're treating me because I am odd and draw attention to myself, while all along people are using whichever bathroom they choose. Then divide further downline between positioning provocateurs and regular sane settled people. I't intended to disrupt. While all along everyone has been using the bathroom they choose.

A person in transition doesn't have to go full drag one way or the other just to use the bathroom. Everyone doesn't have to be aware of unique situations. Everyone doesn't have to be forced to care. Just shut up and go to the bathroom. Pick one, and go.

While reading I flashed through all the times I used the ladies bathroom without a single incident. When you gotta go, you gotta go, and those little signs take on far less significance to you than you messing your pants. I almost wrote shitting your pants but then corrected myself just in time.

This is the power of canes.

One time at Whole Foods in Boulder, pre-cane, there was a line of men to the men's bathroom and no line to the women's bathroom and I had to go. I stood in the line for a moment then said, "F this" and and walked into the women's bathroom. No one else was in there. When I came out the men were still standing. None of them said anything to me (that I know of). They all looked at me. Maybe they were thinking, "well, he's special."

One time was a little bit funny. I had to really go, and I don't mind saying so. I recall the scene but not the location of the scene, it was Target or K-mart type of place. I needed the key to the locked bathroom, the men's bathroom was occupied. Some man had the key inside the men's bathroom. A very kind, understanding, compassionate woman with short cropped hair and no makeup and dressed exactly as men do, took up my problem and procured the required key and for some reason stood guard outside the bathroom. She didn't give me the key, she stood outside until I was done and walked with me back to the store. I am really starting to dig lesbian women. I'm beginning to see more in them than ever before. I was dismissive, but that's changing. They come to me to assist even in times like this when I don't need it. They could have just given me the key. But she made herself part of the solution to a problem as she perceived it. And this is happening a lot. A stocky woman with short cropped hair and no makeup dressed as men do positions herself next to me very close when nobody else is around to walk at my pace across an icy street. (The street was not icy, the sidewalks were but only in specific untended patches. Still, she cared, she perceived I might have a problem, and she put herself forward to help me. I didn't need help but I do like her being a good Girl Scout. I accept her reaching out.)

The most recent incident was at Taste of Philly with my brother, sister-in-law and nephews. "I just now used the women's bathroom because the one for men is occupied." The boys thought that was funny. My sister-in-law took the boys into women's bathroom. There was no urgency. It's just a drag to get up and down for that.

According to activists the problem is conservatives always getting up in other people's business and making life difficult for minorities,  and not the people drawing attention to themselves and their unique situations.

Look, Michael, use whatever bathroom you want. You have all along and nobody hassled you. Nobody is checking. Nobody will hassle you, no matter what the law is. Nobody cares.

Honestly, nobody cares no matter how flamboyantly you flounce against Republicans and against your conceptualization of conservatives. Just go to the g.d. bathroom.

More of this at

As for Starbucks, nobody gives a shit. Literally. Just make a point of cleaning your property, now that you've announced yourself public facility.

Friday, May 11, 2018

Safari park

The video is about a French family imagining a picnic inside a safari park is a good idea.

But interesting as that is how much English swearing sounds natural tucked into foreign languages. That means our swears are just that excellent. That's cultural appropriation right there. I love it. You can swear anywhere and be understood.

<anecdote alert>
In Puerto Vallarta my friends and I were standing outside in the sun waiting for a taxi at our small hotel. We had luggage. The cab's trunk was loaded with coconuts. My friends waited as the driver unloaded the coconuts. I told my friends we can help the driver unload them to speed things up. They weren't thinking, they didn't follow what he was doing, and they lined up the coconuts along the sidewalk instead of placing them inside the open air first floor office. The hotel owner and the cab driver were friends. He'd come back for the coconuts. The cabbie said in Spanish, "These pussies cannot even put the coconuts in the office." Pussies = panochas. He imagined none of us spoke Spanish. What I heard was blah blah blah panochas blah blah blah and I burst out laughing at the sound of a familiar swear word. He sounded exactly like my punk friends in Denver who taught me. So that word really works! That's all that I understood. The driver looked at me dead on. Now quite worried, assuming I understood the whole thing, then meekly resumed stacking coconuts, self-chided for being so rude and so presumptuous in imagining no American would know what he's saying. I didn't know. I only knew that one word. Then inside the car I realized he was talking about us! He kept looking at me in the mirror, checking on my facial expression. I could tell he was still worried. He really f'd up. My friends were disinclined to tip the guy because of those coconuts and me making them work. They didn't know about him calling us pussies. The driver was worried I would tell them. The trip was short, the cost nearly nothing, we had fun, something unusual, a unique cultural thing there, so I tipped triple the cost of the ride to convey no hard feelings and American panochas really aren't so bad after all.
</anecdote alert>

Jake Weidmann, master calligrapher


Notice Jake moves his whole arm and wrist, and shifts the paper. He doesn't plant the edge of his hand on the paper and cramp the pen into his fingers then write with his fingers crunching into his palm, as one tends to do with a ballpoint pen.

Things that I learned: 1) Jake is from Colorado, just south of Denver. 2) There is an American form of cursive. 3) There are oblique pens with the nib offset from the stock.

Calligraphy is just the beginning of Jake's art. Penmanship is translated into paintings, murals and into carvings, first wood and then other media. Calligraphy is incorporated into all that. In another video we see his collections of tools are actually rather vast ranging across several art forms. He opened a broad drawer divided into boxes holding various pen nibs numbering in the hundreds. Equally large number of nib holders. He taught the Create interviewer how to lathe his own pen to fit his own hand from length of strange ebony wood of combined black and white streaks of grain. 

In this interview the two men sit uncomfortably close. Notice Jake leans away the whole time from the interviewer to make space so they're not talking into each other's face. My favorite part is the second half where Jake talks about his family, his wife giving birth and him feeling bad for her doing all the work of creating a new life, so he focused on making a bassinet. They show the cradle, the shape of a swan, the sort of thing you see as planters, except a lot more beautiful and with additional features for rocking involving magnets and laser. 

This video is posted on Jake Weidmann's website. There are a lot more short demonstration videos on YouTube.

In the video Jake mentions him noticing a message the interviewer left somewhere about Michael Sull's American Cursive Handwriting.

Amazon shows three books out of print for less than reasonable prices. None for Amazon Prime. Just under $50.00 and outrageiously expensive after that. The reviews are mixed. The low reviews are for receiving the workbook but not receiving the textbook. Three star reviews say the buyer has limited free time and wanted to jump right in with exercises and finds the organization unhelpful. Five star reviews dispute the low rated reviews and say the book is perfectly organized, charming and extremely helpful. Each edition appears to be the same or similar thing. Amazon is taking pre-orders for another version due early July for $20.00.

Amazon also sells oblique pens with and without nibs


Socarrat. From Spanish socarrar, meaning to lightly toast. It means do not stir the rice once it begins to cook. Paella is not like risotto. Risotto is made from a type of rice that is exceedingly starchy and it is stirred continuously so that the starch is knocked off as it cooks to form a rich creamy sauce. Not so with paella. The idea of paella is to have a thin layer of rice to cook at the bottom of the pan absorbing all the flavors developed in the liquid and cooked to a crust, a somewhat nearly burned crust, actually crispy. That's why the pans are so wide. And that's why the heat source must also be wide, or else you stand there and move the pan around over the heat to make sure the rice cooks to a crisp all around. You literally scrape off the rice when it's served. Those chunks of charred rice are the best parts.

Other than that it seems a clear out the refrigerator type of thing, nearly any protein you like or that you have, chorizo, a Spanish sausage, with chicken (dark meat), pork, rabbit, frogs legs, what have you. Onion, garlic, then vegetables, green beans, peas. Tomato sauce.

Saffron. Not particularly for color because tomato also colors the whole thing. So does paprika and your preferred chile powders.

Most versions finish with seafood placed on top after the rice is added and distributed. The rice will take 20-25 minutes. The pan is no longer stirred. The items are settled on top into the liquid.

The videos I've watched, the cooks do all sorts of bizarre things, like use chicken bullion, the lowest form of broth available combined with saffron the most expensive herb that there is. Raw shrimp added right after the rice too early, and finished with pre-cooked shrimp. For a Valencia festival four huge pans are prepared over open fires. These guys have done this for decades, they use frozen vegetables apparently and there is no seafood. Theirs is a simple version of chicken legs and vegetables. The whole point being the soccarat rice.

The mistake that restaurants make in the U.S. is to overload their paellas with everything possible all at once and that's why the Valencia festival version es muy auténtico and the restaurant versions try too hard and fail at achieving the main aim of socarrat rice.

Why do people have such a problem with rice?

There are different kinds of rice for different things that behave in different ways. It turns out that my all time favorite rice is the least popular, the least available, the most expensive. In the stores around here I see long grain rice, mostly for Spanish rice dishes, and Jasmine rice for its sweet floral quality, and plump short-grained Arborio rice for risotto. My all-time favorite is Japanese short-grained rice, somewhat starchy. I've used it successfully in risotto, sushi, rice balls, soup, and plain so it sticks and can be picked up with chopsticks. I wouldn't doubt it works with paella too.

This woman is a joke.

Kay has a cooking channel where she destroys everything. Her subscribers know she's not quite right in the head so in comments they treat her with great tenderness. Elsewhere they laugh. At her. She is the satire of food, popular for her enthusiasm and unawareness and her viewers, while kind to her are actually cruel for laughing behind her back. She is so wrong that she cannot even pronounce the word for the thing that she's trying to cook. You can skip, skip, skippity-skip and not miss anything.

Kay would do better by reading this page before starting. The video is one of those bless her heart things. All of her videos are this type of unintended satire based on sincerity. You can read through the comments on YouTube to see what is going on, and sort through her videos to see what not to do. What not to do ever. To see how a person can get things so wrong.

Here's a girl who does a fine job but makes a few strange choices.

Here's a Valencia festival presentation. No explanation, just lovely music. Their target is chicken flavored socarrat rice, the vegetables take a backseat and there is no seafood. Again, you can skip through it without missing anything

Here is an arrogant opinionated American chef. I don't see him using tomato sauce/paste, or white wine. He relays a few very good hints. 

Happy birthday Richard "Arvin" Overton

Arvin lives in Austin Texas. Having served the US Army in the Pacific during WWII, he is both the oldest living US Combat Veteran and oldest living male in the United States.  (via

Loleatta Holloway

There are videos with much better audio quality but I like seeing how much fun people are having.

I really liked Black Box. I have their album. One time I had it on high while sanding a window frame when my dad dropped in. I didn't accept it as music. He asked me, "Is this really the music you listen to?"

I go, "Sure." 

I had no idea they were such serious rip off artists. I'm fairly certain you won't like it.

Upstairs neighbors

Set up a culture of consent.

Trump MAGA rally, Indiana May 10th, 2018

In this short video Trump disses Obama for paying $1.8 billion dollars for hostages.

Boston Dynamics robot runs

This robot has drop foot. It's flat-footed. The condition makes the robot more easily tripped. A seam in the carpet can do it. 

What causes drop foot? 

* nerve injuries
* brain or spinal disorders
* muscle disorders
* being a Boston Dynamics robot. 

More information on drop foot here, description and treatments. 

People walk by lifting their leg forward and lifting their toes so the step lands solidly on the heel. Forward momentum, body weight rolls over the foot lifting off the toes. So the heels of shoes are worn down before the lower soles, so that gait can be analyzed, pigeon toed, or out toeing, and inside the shoes, toe prints wear into the inside soles. So if you were to stick your hand in the shoe to feel the inside bottoms, you could feel the indentations worn down by the toes. Your toes grab as you walk like monkey hands. 

People with drop foot lift their legs higher or swing their leg further outward in an arc.

My dad told me he bought us all shoes twice a year. I hadn't noticed that. All I ever noticed was, oh crap, shoe shopping again? GAWL!. Of all five kids, mine were noticeable because  the heels of my shoes were worn down in the middle, the other kids either left or right.  My mum told I walk like I have a board up my ass.

How rude!

Actually, a teenaged male walked across the street in front of her car at a stop light and she said to me, "That's how you walk," and that guy walked like he had a board up his ass.

And I was made to be permanently self-conscious about how I walked thereafter.

But now my shoes wear down toe first an heels are not worn at all. And when I stick my hand inside to feel toe prints, there aren't any. It's like a brand new inner sole, while the outside is worn. Because now I walk like this robot. Except this robot is running.  

Thursday, May 10, 2018

My Day in Pictures

First there was a sunrise:

We went for a short walk:

Then it got cloudy:

(The sky said "Hey, whachu lookin' at?)

 We got a minuscule amount of rain - far less than we need:

Then the storm blew over:

Then we got a sunset that was photo-worthy:

All the while I was making pieces parts and gittin' 'er done. All in all, a good day.

Music for the previous post


Note from one of the released prisoners

In this 47 minute video that shows President Trump's helicopter bringing him and Melania to Andrews, then Pence delivered by helicopter, then AF1 delivering Pompeo who energetically dashes down the steps, then another plane delivering the three Americans taken prisoners by N. Korea. The politicians and wives emerge from a waiting area, Trump and Melania walk up the stairs and go inside the plane of the released prisoners, they all emerge together and stand at the top of the stairs, then descend to meet Pompeo and Pence. At 38.46 mark, thereabout, as they walk down the steps we see the one-time prisoner in the middle remove cards from his inner jacket pocket so he has them in his hand when he meets Pompeo and Pence waiting at the bottom of the steps. It's a truly moving scene, the one-time prisoners meeting the man who freed them. We see hands, a white note being passed, then Pompeo holding a note as they move on.

Viewers are curious what is written on the note.

Apparently Pence was also handed a note. Today Pence showed us part of the message handed him. Turns out to be Psalms 126:1-3. So this would be Kim Dong Chul, a minster held since 2015. The other two freed prisoners were with the Pyongyang University of Science and Technology.

Dr. Gabor Maté & Daniel Maté: "Hello Again: A Fresh Start for Parents an...

President Trump connects with three Americans taken hostage by North Korea

This occurred at Andrews Air Force Base, Andrews Maryland. It's a big thing. Imagine, prisoner in N. Korea one day, the next day meeting the president of United States on a tarmac with AF1. Freedom. Their emotion must be uncontainable. They get to the solitude of their hotel room exhausted from travel, activity and attention, the noise subsides to stillness and quiet and they just break down into pieces.

Stuffed puppy becomes real

I don't know why these things get me so much. I must have been a big disappointment to my parents. I recall my dad giving us a dog three times, each dog presentation somewhat ritualized like some kind of big surprise, each dog named Buster, and each time I had no emotional response. Walk 'em, right. Feed 'em, right. Like that's going to happen. I couldn't have cared less about dogs. If my brother had been excited then I would have been too, I'd have taken my response cues from him, so apparently he didn't care either. The dogs never fit into our adventures. They were not part of any scene away from the house. I vaguely recall each one outside in the yard a few times. Until after high school when I got an Alsatian. My dad disliked the dog so much, and disliked me having it, he couldn't  even call it a German Shepherd. It's a British prejudice. They couldn't stand the name of a dog breed that had "German" in it. England has a lot of such national resentments. They sure did engage a lot of wars

Cooperative spelunking


Superlative Death Valley is one of the driest places on earth as well as the lowest. But, there is underground water and lots of it. At Badwater Basin, you can see it:

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Carnivore Diet

I read the links posted below regarding how the Peterson family dealt with their health issues by changing their diet. Hmm, seems like something I should work on.

Right off I realize that I like carbs with my meat - meat and potatoes. If I have some ham I want it to be a slice of ham on a piece of bread. That's going to be a tough hurdle right there.

Flipping through Netflix this evening I inadvertently started rewatching the Japanese tv show that Chip recommended some time back - Samurai Gourmet. Man, they do food prep right on that show. But they don't hold back on the carbs - washing down all that good food with beer or sake, so that is not a precise model of what I need to do.

Pork! Biru! Beef! Sake! Yeah, this is going to take some effort. I can forgo the alcohol, but I need to find where I can get some of those pickled vegetables - I remember them from my last trip to Japan and I liked them. Time to find out if they still like me. Pickles good.

Rice - fuhgedaboudit! Pas de noodles, too. Time to start writing a new shopping list with more carnivorous ingredients. Should be interesting.

Did too much work today and I am all in, but did get a walk in this evening - longer days are a good thing. Saw flowers:

And honeysuckle - it's out and blooming - how about that?

Pompeo & Kim Jong-Un

Photo taken as 3 American hostages returned. Trump plans to meet them on arrival at 2:00 am.

Anticipated CNN headline: Trump fails to secure release of Japanese citizens kidnapped by N. Korea.

Ain't much an ol' country boy he can't hack...

Except poison ivy. I have a bumper crop of that this year, poke weed too. Time to bust out the Round-up and get rid of those pests.

Musical options include "Poison Ivy" by The Coasters, the country boy song by John Denver, but instead I shall go with this:

Liquid modernity

"As I walk through [Walmart late at night] I realize that the radio or something is on–I can hear a voice over speakers somewhere in the store and it is quite loud. Talk radio? It is a man’s voice talking. He reminds me a little of Kermit the Frog, but talking about some psychology stuff. I am standing there in the aisle, listening trying to figure out where I have heard the voice before when I realize it is Jordan Peterson.

I look around and realize that one of his videos is being played and broadcast through some speakers inside the fast-food place–but probably 20% of Walmart can hear it. There is a late 20s white guy cleaning up the Subway. As I am standing there, a Walmart employee also cleaning spies me standing there in disbelief, processing that I am listening to Jordan Peterson. He nods at me and I nod back approvingly. Nothing needed to be said, each understood the other in a flash.

The whole thing reminded me of the scene from Fight Club where the narrator realizes that there are franchises everywhere. I then got to thinking about Jordan Peterson, and realized that Chuck Palahniuk was prophesying the emergence of figures like Jordan Peterson whether he intended to or not.

The men who feel emasculated by liquid modernity are going not going to sit still for this forever. It is not about Left or Right–the Left pushing political correctness might be what brought us to the breaking point, but the more young men I talk to about this stuff are angry at the corporate-consumer world too. Jordan Peterson seems to be the first tangible figure that they can come together around. I doubt he will be the last."

Contrast with ContraPoints' take down of Peterson's logic (starting at 9:50):

Team America World Police

The scene I wanted to use is too obscene for a family site such Lem's. 

The scene that picks up where this one leaves off. I died laughing the first time I saw it.

What's in a name?

Pompeo referred to Kim Jong-un as Chairman Un conflating part of his first name with his given name. Doesn't Pompeo know everything is backward over there? Everything. Including names.

NYT thinks this is a major faux pax and this gives them excuse to cite previous similar mistakes made by the Trump administration.

Pompeo was being diplomatic. In the Trump administration the guy's last name is Man. Rocket Man.

Complicating things further for foreign diplomats, Mr. Kim has several titles, including supreme commander of the military and chairman of the State Affairs Commission of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.
They omitted daughter of the Fifth House, holder of the Sacred Chalice of Rixx, heir to the Holy Rings of Betazed, Rocket Man Burning All the Shoes of Everyone.

Trump has splendiferous titles too. Best Kim Jong-Un meet with someone and learn them. President of the United States, Commander in Chief, Leader of the Free World, Mr. President, Chief Executive, Head of Government, Head of State, Chief Diplomat, Manager of the Economy, Knocker of Heads, Destroyer of Dreams, Builder of the Great Wall of America Seen From Space, Selector of Judges, Campaigner Extraordinaire, Befuddling Twitterer, First Arsonist of Political Parties, Crusher of Party Slates, Drainer of Swamps. Astounding Campaigner, Owner of Things, First Mocker of Fake News, Reaper of Liberal Tears.

Iranian parliament infuriated at Trump withdrawing from Obama's deal

That's strange, we all expected them to support it.

Iranian judiciary's website Mizan wrote, "Trump does not have the mental capacity to deal with issues." 

Ha ha ha. But Iranian parliament does. Good one. I love you guys. You tell the best jokes. 

Iran's President Hassan Rouhani said, "Iran is a country that adheres to its commitments and the US is a country that has never adhered to its commitments."

Iran's adheres to its commitments like supporting terrorism worldwide. Making its country a cause rather than a nation, as Henry Kissinger noted, and to the detriment of its own population. Its commitment to its interpretation of its religion, not to the welfare of its citizens. And that's why the theocracy is doomed. And very likely doomed under Trump, through Trumps committed support. 

Iran understands we're schizophrenic. But sometimes we do adhere to our committments. . We have a few significant contradictions to that general rule, The demilitarized zone between Koreas and our agreement with South Korea to kick North Korea's butt should they bust a move on the south. Our support for Israel that gnaws on the nerves of Iran leadership so achingly. Our support for Japan through its transition from a feudal society to an advanced democratic society, our Marshall Plan that reconstructed Europe to the advanced societies they are today. And we can look to the future to what we'll do with Iran after their theocracy implodes by overextension. Our proxies just kicked their proxies asses in Syria just now. Just today. Didn't they feel that?  

The leadership of Iran cannot tell the difference between a flimsy Executive Order made without Congressional approval and a genuine commitment. But point taken. Thousands would agree. Including our own Native American populations. 

Burn, Iranian Parliament, burn. Burn your whole house down.

Control them through language

AP stylebook instructs writers to stop using the term "chain migration" and keep using "dreamers" instead.

Because the term "chain migration" is used by "immigration hardliners."

Chain migration chain migration chain migration chain migration chain migration chain migration chain migration chain migration chain migration.

AP uses "immigration hardliners" in place of "everyone who doesn't support open borders."

Chain migration chain migration chain migration chain migration chain migration chain migration chain migration chain migration chain migration.

They say to use the ridiculous and obviously propagandistic phrase "dreamers" sparingly to avoid sounding ridiculous and propagandistic.

Chain migration chain migration chain migration chain migration chain migration chain migration chain migration chain migration chain migration.

There are a lot more words that nobody cares about packed into the article at Information Liberation about the history of government names of things, something that David Frum said, and to stop using the term "aborigine" because some people might possibly perchance maybe subjectively probably presumably conceiveably arguably likely could be offended sometime if they're having a bad day.

Chain migration chain migration chain migration chain migration chain migration chain migration chain migration chain migration chain migration.

While for Trump the terms, liar, sexual predator, unstable, unfit for office are just fine, as "deplorable" is fine for his supporters.

Chain migration chain migration chain migration chain migration chain migration chain migration chain migration chain migration chain migration.

Why don't don't those assholes at AP have any concern for my tender feelings? I'm a delicate sensitive guy.

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After Trump nuked Iran deal, Obama, Kerry, and staffers melt down on Twitter

Late in life I realized my country is schizophrenic absolutely and for that reason cannot be relied upon as ally. The leaders of nations would be foolish to put their trust in any agreement with us that is expected to go beyond the president's term. We're mentally unstable. The opposing party simply will not continue with a program initiated by the other, no matter how much time and money and lives were expended getting to it, no matter how close to success. With precious few exceptions. One party's successes are the other partiy's failures. Iraq is prime example.

We could have had a solid pro-American ally in a dangerous region with steady mature support working through Iraqui internecine factions until national character evolved, but nooOOOOOOoo. Instead, all projects in process are dropped like a hot rock wasting untold billions. And of course blame for failure reversed.

So it's fatuous to expect Trump to uphold a treaty that he objected to from the start, one he regards as more dangerous maintaining than abandoning.

Debra Heine writing for PJ Media has a roundup of sulking tweets by people prominent in Obama's  administration, including Obama.  Ben Rhodes hardest hit. He put up 13 tweets bemoaning Trump's action. He thinks Iran nuclear program that he assured us doesn't exist but is shown to be well advanced, will be easier to start up again.

Tommy Vietor, Obama's former national security council spokesman is disappointed that Trump didn't choose a more appropriate venue to blow up the deal, like a Boy Scout jamboree. He said the Middle East has been too calm lately, it's time to blow it up.

Where's he been the last few months? Off thinking up bon mots to the inevitable, no doubt.

Jon Favreau, former speechwriter came unglued. His flouncing is most unseemly.

John Kerry says way too many words for Twitter. He links to whatever he says elsewhere. But he's too pedantic, boring, longwinded and wrong to bother with reading.

Obama could not stop pontificating if he tried. Get this geopolitics 101.
There are few issues more important to the security of the US than the potential spread of nuclear weapons or the potential for even more destructive war in the Middle East zzzzz What? What? 
Barf. This is why we could never quite make it through one of his State of Union addresses.

John Kasich. Another statement too long for Twitter. His penetrating analysis is posted elsewhere.

Finally, something smart. Sean Davis with the Federalist says something interesting.
1) The incompetent Obama bro echo chamber years ago accused @SenTomCotton of treason for accurately predicting exactly what happened today with the Iran deal: an agreement struck by presidential fiat was rescinded by presidential fiat. 
2) The Obama admin lied about the Iran deal, hid its terms from Congress, and refused to submit it to the Senate as a treaty. Now that Trump has spiked it, the Obama bros and their media lickspittles are trying to pretend today wasn't both predictable and entirely their own fault.

Tom Steyer

Ever imagine billionaires could be so demented they'd have everything precisely reversed? Listen to this crackpot's litany and see for yourself how it all applies to his own party.

Comments to this video are turned off on YouTube because Tom Steyer's head comes with a mouth but no ears. Doing that shows he wants everyone to shut up and listen and he doesn't care what anyone else has to say. Only his views count.

Flail, Tom, flail. Watching wealthy political crackpots go out of their minds is one of America's chief forms of entertainment.

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

You run across the funniest things sometimes...

Just tryin' to spruce up the place a bit, not pining for the fjords, not here to needle anyone, not that I wood, anyway.

I wonder if you started with apple wood whether or not the drink would taste like apple pie. We'll have to as Mags

And why not some more Dave Brubeck to go with it, even though this should be posted on September 8th.

Secretary of State, Pompeo

Pompeo just now delivered a joint statement with Mexican Foreign Secretary Luis Videgaray.

It's boring. Bromides and platitudes, the whole way. Nothing unseemly. You'd be forgiven for thinking they're both kneepads salesmen. Full transcript here if you care to be bored. My eyes glazed over halfway through. Maybe something interesting was said after that.

More interesting than their joint statement is Pompeo's Twitter feed. He's an interesting provocative fellow, and he gives his trolls the what for.

Rosie in FEC trouble.
Iran deal is toast.
Factories coming to US
I’m bringing home 3 prisoners.
Obama’s legacy is now in the shitter.
Hillary isn’t president.
And it's just Tuesday.

His trollish followers didn't like that.
Nice hate-fueled tweet ya got going on there.
You're an ass. And we have a sexual predator as president. 
Pompeo responds.
I'm still trying to work "brown people" and "slaves" into my routine. 
And very much more of this type. It's a bit fun observing a Republican in high office behave as Democrats do. His trolls don't seem to get it that he keeps upping them. They return with low-level trolling apparently unaffected by Pompeo's smiting.

See Pompeo's Twitter feed here.

Green beans, cheese and pecans

This post was made four years ago. I see it gets views everyday. The last 24 hours it's been viewed 11 times from everywhere.

When I posted it, Rob said I had to be kidding, Lem said no cheese on vegetables for him, and Aridog said, damn, now I'm posting things that he likes. 

Frozen beans. Cheese from a jar. Un-roasted pecans. Three marks against it, a slip-shod meal admitting sometimes I don't even try, and it turns out to be one of the most persistent posts. 

I'm baffled. Four years has gone by and I still don't get it.

Then again, it looks kind of good. It wasn't just a weak careless moment. I'd eat it. This near-cheese that must be bad for you is actually kind of tasty. I use the nacho type sold in jars for a very fast macaroni and cheese. And it's good.

Photos of soldier go viral after his flight is delayed and he watches the birth of his daughter on Face Time

Hey look! A soldier is having an emotional breakdown, let's get out our cell phones.

And the internet is glad that they did.

The soldier is Brooks Lindsey. He was on his way home to be with his wife during the birth of their child. His flight was delayed and he was so frustrated and busted up that he cried right there in the terminal. The other delayed passengers gave him space to let it all out. 

Except for the part about taking his picture. 

There is video of him watching the birth, the astonishment reads on his face, the awesomeness of it, the miracle of birth, the frustration of being stopped from attending, factors beyond his control, the passion, all got to the other passengers emotionally. 

When the passengers heard the sound of the baby over the telephone they applauded. A woman's photos and video were uploaded to Facebook and now the whole thing  has gone viral. The family is blown away by the interest in their situation and all the emotional support they've received from strangers. This story is everywhere all at once. 

While the video remains proprietary property of Facebook, and they're extremely protective of their portion of the internet. No embed code as usual with other places. The settings on my laptop do not allow the video to be shown on two of my browsers. I saw the video on the Brave browser. It shows the photo above except with slight movement and slight changes in facial expression.

The story is everywhere at once, I watched it at Conservative Fighters. More details at the link, of the family's story, and the scene at the airport. It's sweet. You'll enjoy it.

Dogs mob guy in dog mask

Fish five ways

Sometimes it's good to set one's biases and prejudices aside for a moment and just watch and listen. This gets harder to do the more I become like Archie Bunker. This video is an impressive tour de force and I appreciate Ramsay doing this and making it available for free. Behind all the bluster for t.v., he really is a generous person. And when you see it pulled off like this you realize again that cooking fish is actually simple and quick. Fish is very easily enhanced.

It's something that is not common in Colorado, being so far inland. But that is changing as the influx of California escapees continues to increase driving up real estate values astronomically. And here is the advantage of living on an itty-bitty island like England and Japan, you're so close to seafood no matter where you are on your teeny tiny dot of land isolated out there in the middle of an ocean. I'm kidding.

No I'm not.

Notice how often he adds nuts, and always adds lemon. Like Thai food each preparation attempts to hit separate taste sensation in the mouth. I cringed when he added so much baking powder to his fish batter along with ginger beer, I suppose the same thing as ginger ale. I did that one time, used half the amount he does, and the batter becomes foam, and that's not very pleasant, while the effervescence of CO2 beverage, even soda water, or 7-Up, actual beer, even Pepsi, plain water infused by the Soda Stream, all lighten the batter nicely. He uses both. And he is master chef after all.

2 kilos of salt is 4.5 LBS. A box of kosher salt is 3 LBS. Originally, the Spanish used egg whites, not water.

Sessions gets tough

All illegal border crossers will be prosecuted; children will be separated from parents.

Breaking up families. Right. That's going to happen.
We're here to send a message to the world that we are not going to let the country be overwhelmed," Sessions said. "People are not going to caravan or otherwise stampede our border. We need legality and integrity in our immigration system.
Deets at Fox News.

Hawaiian volcano destroys homes

And cars. They deserved it. Who leaves their car parked in the path of advancing lava? It's another of those live and learn things.

Meanwhile tourists to Utah are unwittingly throwing dinosaur tracks into a lake.

Here is the story in video form. The worst kind of video except for the ones read by a robot. If you care to read it, turn off the sound, it's just empty near-music.

This kills me. The state owns a real treasure but cannot protect it. Colorado has a similar problem. They make scant minimal effort to protect their dinosaur trails. People usually honor the fence. There is a very thin indistinct line between freedom and protection of state property. But as tourism grows and these things are lost and citizens become angry, that line becomes more distinct. Utah must do something to protect these ancient impressions. Or they're gone. 

NY Attorney General resigns, accused of abuse

His name is Eric Schneiderman, not that it matters anymore. He liked to beat up women. Apparently the accusations are too thorough to fight. #metoo takes another scalp.

Story at NYT.

Pretty much every place where this story appears, except the NYT, you'll see another post describing Trump predicted this a long time ago. Trump tweeted in September 2013, "Weiner is gone, Spitzer is gone -- next will be lightweight A.G. Eric Schneiderman. Is he a crook? Wait and see, worse than Spitzer of Weiner.

Wait and see.

Four and half years later, ka-bong.

It's like Carnac the Magnificent, holds an envelope to his forehead, "Weiner, Spitzer and Schneiderman"

Ed McMann repeats, "Weiner, Spitzer and Schneiderman."

Carnac the Magnificent looks at Ed McMann like, what, I just said that.

Ed McMann shrugs, "I'm confirming for clarity, for the audience."

Carnac the Magnificent tears open the side of the envelope and blows into it, pulls out a card. "Three high-level Democrat government officials busted for being sexual pervs."

Audience applauds.

Oh! That reminded me of something funny I heard a few days ago. Mark Summers, a producer of several of the best shows on Food Network is from Denver. He was co-hosting a morning show. Another co-host said, "Well one person enjoyed it at least. That was (some name) applauding. If you hear applause from one person, that's (some name).

Mark Summers said, "Applause from one person is applau." The other two co-hosts weren't expecting anything so subtly quietly witty and simultaneously stupid. They nearly fell off their stools laughing at that.

29-year-old who took down Waffle House shooter refuses to take bait offered by CNN interviewer

James Shaw, a real-life hero who intervened in an active shooting and took down the shooter, refuses to be baited into accepting the questions as framed by Van Jones, who sits on his butt contriving questions designed to get people to agree with his anti-Trump sentiments. The regular guy filled with action and life such that brings him to dramatic life/death scenes in a pancake house makes the lawyerly intellectual appear shallow and stupid, just by refusing the premises of his questions. It's like James Shaw embodies the philosophy propounded by Jordan Peterson. He lives it.  "No, I'm not saying that."

"Have you heard from the president?" (Van Jones cannot even say President Trump.)
"I haven’t heard anything, but that’s not to say he didn’t try to contact me, or not."
“But he gave a shout out to Kanye today, no shout out to you. How do you feel when the President of the United States missed an opportunity to hold up somebody who’s trying to do good stuff like you?”
"I know he has a busy agenda, a busy schedule. Maybe he just hasn’t got around to me. Maybe my time is coming. It’s not for me to judge what he does. I did what I did and I didn’t really do it for recognition, just to save my life honestly."
More surrounding this, before and after, at Biz Pac Review.

I did not watch the CNN 45 second video on the link because pffft. I'll watch James Shaw at the White House instead when that happens. The link above has a really gross picture of James Shaw's injured arm.

Here is a longer 12 minute YouTube video of the same interview.

Monday, May 7, 2018


click photo to enlarge

Dick Dale plays "Ghost Riders In The Sky"

“The Last Supper”


Don Lemon reveals CNN will limit airing Trump rallies in real time

So? Conservative media consumers just laughed and laughed. They don't watch CNN anyway. CNN trundles along like a medieval cart carrying plague victims.

Breitbart, where CNN arrogance is mocked.

David Nunes drops the hammer on Sessions

Nunes sent Session a classified letter that was not acknowledge. Nunes then sent Sessions a subpoena last week but that was ignored too. Nunes is going to push Congress this week to hold Jeff Sessions in contempt of Congress.  

Thing is, subpoenaing Sessions still doesn't produce the documents. 

Comments are juicy. You must scroll down past all the links to get at the article below them.

McCain says he regrets choosing Palin as his running mate

Yeah. Should'a picked a man.

Article at American Thinker. McCain gives an incoherent explanation. So garbled that Thomas Lifson misunderstand it at American Thinker. Because McCain switches about talking about what his advisers told him about not picking a running mate who had caucused with democrats and supported abortion rights. (Lieberman).
It was sound advice that I could reason for myself,” he writes. “But my gut told me to ignore it and I wish I had.
Wish you had what, ignored your advisors and ignored your gut, and chosen Lieberman? Nevermind. You don't even have to try to make sense anymore.

He also said he prefers Trump not attend his funeral. What's so bad about that wish? He could have wished for something that's difficult. This man who bragged about reaching across the aisle for compromise, cannot bring himself to reach within his own side of his aisle. But that makes sense too. Trump was sent to destroy his party as we know it, and so far Trump has been successful at that. His supporters are pleased with results so far, given the most difficult challenges. So yeah, go away pissed off about his party going where Whigs went, and Trump representing all that.

But let's have fun instead.

Forget about the article, go to comments instead. Comment after comment people say the only reason they voted was for Palin. Apparently McCain has no friends among conservative voters.

Comments at Lucianne, where this article is recapped, are equally interesting. Papa, why are all the people so cross?

Michelle Obama, beware the personality cult

You know, the right side of politics does the same thing that the left side of politics does, in taking an innocent statement and jumping on the worst possible interpretation of it as if that is the only interpretation possible. Even when other interpretations are offered they're dismissed because they don't work to reinforce the negative characterization that they've developed. For example Trump saying "mission accomplished" makes him just like Bush (who never said that, a banner was strung up without his knowledge) remarking on a flight mission that was accomplished, while the Middle East is still in chaos, and the American forces still up to their necks in it.

It's easy to mock, so mock away, and it doesn't matter the military expression is limited to the immediate sortie, you can tell them a hundred thousand times and they'll still mock it on their surface wrong interpretation. Just like my sister when she was ten.

The right side of politics cares nothing for race, to the left side race is the beating heart of everything. It's impossible for right side to view or hear anything Michelle Obama says with the eyes and ears of her specific audience. They cannot imagine themselves within a black audience who made an effort to go out and see her.

To my own ears her speech is a bit garbled while her message makes sense. I don't agree with it but it still makes sense when I'm pretending to be a black person, and she is one of my role models. Get a load of this:
When I hear people say, ‘You run. ... we still didn’t get ‘Yes, We Can.’ Until we get that right, it doesn’t matter who runs. I don’t think I’m any different from Hillary. We’ve got a lot of work to do before we’re focused on the who. Because we’re the who. We’re the answer to our own problems and its not finding the one great person to save us from ourselves. It’s us.
Fine. Whatever.

Also here's an example of her impenetrable and never to be straightened wrongness.
I’m concerned about us women, on how we think about ourselves and each other. What is going on in our heads where we let that [President Trump] happen? So I do wonder what are young girls dreaming about, when the most qualified person running was a woman and look what we did instead. That said something about where we’re at. If we as women are still suspicious about each other, if we still have this crazy bar for each other that we don’t have for men -- if we’re not comfortable with the notion that we can have a woman for president, compared to what? We need to have that conversation.
Most qualified person, that again, stop it already, you're killing me. That's what you need, more conversations about how absurd and how shallow and how wrong your premises are. You actually use those stupid ideas as touchstones to think? Get outta here.

Oh wait. You already are. You just haven't fully processed that yet. You're already outta here. Like that frog that keeps jerking after it's split open and pinned to the wax filled tray.

You should see the photo that Washington Examiner included with their story.  At first I thought it was another of right side political tricks, always use the worst photo of Michelle Obama that you can find in Google Images, one that sticks out for its ugly expression, furrowed brows, angry eyes, gnarling teeth, fury in a dress. Now, I'm thinking this photo might be from the event they're reporting, then contrast that with a reasonable pleasant photo of her challenger, like Daily Caller and Gateway Pundit always do. Apparently Legal Insurrection cannot find a pleasant photograph of Michell Obama or of Hillary Clinton, they reuse the most ridiculous and damaging photos taken of both.

Come on. Was this photo taken at the event?

She really needs an expression coach.

Because nobody reasonable is going to vote for that. It's another reason Trump won. He knows how to control his facial expressions. He knows exuding humor while saying unpleasant things is more effective than projecting anger, and this has nothing to do with being a woman. Although men will not elect a harpy for president. So she must check her harpy instincts.


I notice this with deaf people too. They know facial expression is essential in conveying meaning of the thing being spoken, but too often, more often than not, they form pained, tortured, abused facial expressions when they are not warranted, even when discussing something pleasant.So one wonders if they're capable of experiencing pleasure. Further, I see hearing people do this in imitation of deaf people because they see it so much. There is no painful irony to the pleasant thing being described but there's the aching expression. It forces me to widen my eyes like a newborn fawn filled with innocent naïve awe, and make myself smile at the unexpected pleasures in life. See what I did there? I used the i with two dots. *blink, blink*