Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Judge tells Ontario woman she is no longer welcome in court

Via RedditIt won’t be easy for Althea Reyes to drag another person before a judge. The one-time beauty queen has been declared a “vexatious litigant” for repeatedly abusing Ontario courts with frivolous lawsuits.

The rare designation means she cannot continue or begin any new cases in any level of court in Ontario without first getting permission from a judge.

Reyes is appealing the May 31 order by Justice Paul Perell restricting her access to the courts.

Ontario’s attorney general had requested Reyes be declared vexatious, saying in a court application that her barrage of lawsuits and court motions are a frivolous “abuse of the court’s process and a waste of judicial and public resources.”

A 2016 Star investigation found Reyes has sued at least 30 people, companies and organizations since 2011 in Toronto. She has targeted successful men she had relationships with, a school board, bank employees, a pawnshop, a dry cleaning business, lawyers who have opposed her in the courtroom, and a complete stranger.

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Eric the Fruit Bat said...

"You know, you gotta stop them at the beginning, like they shoulda stopped Hitler at Munich. They shoulda never let him get away with that. They was just asking for trouble."

-- Peter Clemenza

edutcher said...

She sounds like a ready-made client for Gloria Allred.

PS The time to stop Hitler was when he militarized the Rhineland. By the time Munich rolled around, it was way too late.

Lem said...

I can't post anything new for awhile. Stayed up too late on twitter with the CNN meme unmasking story. Now I'm running behind.

Leland said...

I stayed up late watching the fireworks at Suntrust Park, but decided to call it a night after the seventh inning, so missed the additional crowd pleasers in the ninth. To each his own, but it was a good post Lem. I also caught from Ace a dimension I missed about the wrestling tweet: once the difference in metaphorically body slamming CNN in a video vs metaphorically stabbing Trump to death in a Central Park play? Who again is advocating violence?

Dickin'Bimbos@Home said...

OT: Who wants to take bets on when Colin Kaepernick goes full terrorist?

Sixty Grit said...

The picture looks familiar, but the handle sounds like a dude who is married to a law prof.