Tuesday, July 25, 2017

balcony plants

Would you like to see my balcony plants from the outside? I took down a cart full of empty boxes to toss directly into the dumpster on the first level and took my camera with me. It's an odd thing to do and not such a great idea to aim a zoom lens at the balconies. When that's noticed people wonder who's privacy I'm invading.

The inside is beginning to look like a real mess. Just what I want. Plants are invading each other's space, vines are criss-crossing over each other so that they grow up the stems of plants in nearby containers, upwards, outwards and inwards so that soon the railing won't be available to hold onto for balance while watering.

The vines are morning glories and they haven't yet begun to bloom.

Maybe it doesn't seem like much but the other balconies are starkly bare. Except for two people to one side who are imitating what I have done. In my way, copying what I saw at an acquaintance's home, and not knowing anything at all, nothing, I at least showed a few things that can be done by a horticultural dummkopf in a challenging spot. More plants died than lived.


Eric the Fruit Bat said...

That looks nice.

Thank you.

AllenS said...

Looking good.

Jim in St Louis said...

Sweet tater vine has such a great color- is it chartreuses? Or am I thinking of some other word?

ricpic said...

It's a jungle out there!