Thursday, July 27, 2017

Video: The Real Reason Hospitals Are So Expensive

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bagoh20 said...

I hate that show. It has more lies and deception per second than MSNBC. Not everything is bullshit, but it's pretty Bernie Sanders/Michael Moore-ish. The objective is not truth, but counter-intuitive outrage baiting.

The health business is not all that profitable, especially compared to other high tech, much of which is less valuable in a real sense (think Facebook). Margins are relatively thin even with extensive subsidies. The source of high costs is the same as everything else the government controls: the inefficiencies of bureaucracy and regulations, but of course the fact that so many people do not pay for what they get, plain and simple. Consequently, the rest of us have to. How else do you explain that health insurance companies and doctors alike are running away from huge groups of customers even with government subsidies and individual mandates?

When you go to your doctor, pay attention to how much time is spent on your health problem compared to the paperwork, and compliance. It's at least 10 to 1 bullshit to doctoring. That bullshit is charged at about the same rate, and it does almost nothing for you. We need to eliminate the middle men - the tens of people who are employed to handle the bullshit attached to your medical care by government regulations.

Imagine a couple doctors, well educated and skilled doctors who have an office with one nurse and one clerical person seeing patients and referring them for treatments and drugs they may need, and never having to deal with all that crap. Imagine how many patients they could see, how much time they could spend on you, and how well they could do in return for that work. You don't like their service, you go to someone else, and they either up their game or suffer financially. You don't have money to pay? Go to a county hospital and wait, wait, wait, becuase nobody gets a Cadillac for free. Don't like waiting? Go get a job and spend less than you make. That's how the rest of us do it.

Leland said...

Made it 42 seconds in and stopped. Want to know why that neck brace costs $20, but the hospital charges $154? Because only 1 in 8 patients is paying for their healthcare, even if insured. Nearly half the patients at my wife's hospital are non-revenue generating, as in they have no insurance nor wanted insurance. Others that do have insurance refuse to pay their co-pays, because idiots like this convince them that they are over paying. And then there isn't an insurance around that pays $1 for $1 on the invoice, because they made some kickback deal with the maker of another neck brace that the hospital didn't use, so unless the hospital gets the patient to pay for out of coverage items; then too damn bad for the hospital for not checking first.

You want to know why Hospitals are so expensive, because government has mandated:
A) Hospitals provide care to emergent cases regardless of ability to pay.
B) That everyone have a middleman (insurance) handling nothing but payments between them and their doctor. And oh yeah, that middleman not only wants to get paid too, but gets paid first, before the hospital. And unlike the hospital, the insurer can deny you service for non-payment and even come after you for debt. Hospitals are limited on how they can pursue debt.

In short, don't read me, because Bags got it all in the comment above.

Methadras said...

Bitch asked for antibiotics for a cold. LAME!!!