Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Doing the Patton Oswalt again!

NY Post July 19, 2017
WOODBURY, Conn. — Connecticut officials say the wife of longtime ESPN broadcaster Chris Berman died from blunt trauma and drowning after her car hit another vehicle in May.
The Hartford Courant reports that Dr. James Gill, the chief state medical examiner, has ruled 67-year-old Katherine Ann Berman’s death an accident.
Gill declined to release the toxicology results.
Police say the Cheshire woman’s vehicle struck the rear of a driver’s SUV and both veered off the road in Woodbury. Her car went down an embankment and overturned in a small body of water. The other driver, 87-year-old Edward Bertulis, was also killed. Police say he wasn’t wearing a seatbelt and was partially thrown from the vehicle.
State police continue to investigate the crash.


edutcher said...

Nothing on this, but Junior McCain has a brain tumor.

Looks like what he told R Senators wasn't just a warning.

ampersand said...

In 1987, the wife of former Chicago Cubs pitcher Milt Pappas was found drowned in her car 5 years after she went missing. She apparently drove her car into a twelve foot deep pond.

Trooper York said...

William Shatner.

Trooper York said...

Robert Blake.

Trooper York said...

OJ Simpson.

Trooper York said...

Spade Cooley.

(Yes that is a real person)

Trooper York said...

Gig Young.

Trooper York said...

Michael Jace.

(The black cop from The Shield)

john said...

Wouldn't Randy Quaid fit in with this bunch? Maybe, if someone would just check his backyard for suspicious piles of dirt. (First name Ronda.)

Chip Ahoy said...

I don't understand this post. I must be dense. Am I supposed to know these people. Should I be familiar with this case?

Oh well.

Therefore, to compensate for my shortcomings I'd like to talk about something else unrelated.

Jacques du fil

I was expecting a UPS delivery. (A cheap scratchy wool blanket, incredibly smelly from Army surplus to re-live those precious moments of real warmth of my youth) The regular guy has been a real asshole over the years. It has not been smooth between us. We patched it up uncomfortably.

Then I realized that's it's been ten years and the guy really has delivered quite a lot of stuff to me. He personally has helped me a lot. All that carrying of boxes. To me. Making entry into the building, walking the halls, knocking on doors. Minding his truck. Parking, in and out all the time. And I never have tipped him. The realization made me feel like a real shit. GAWL!

So I checked my wallet and there was only $47.00 in there. I prepared an envelope with a smiley face and put the two twenties inside and put the envelope near the door. When he showed up he gave the package and I gave the envelope.

And it made me feel GREAT!

I don't know what it is about that, but it's a kind of magic that works. It's psychological magic.

Then this other asshole is hard to reach. He's extremely self-protective. Puts up walls that cannot be breached. Any charm that he projects, and he does project charm, is a false face. He really is rotten inside. His soul is pervaded with soul-worms.

I invited him to lunch on his birthday and he refused. He told me that he's sitting around in his underwear chilling and does not want to be interrupted. He cut our conversation short.

And I was only getting started, the bastard.

That's very hurtful, you know. I need my own safe place.

Then shortly after my birthday rolled around and he called me and he invited me to lunch. So I took up the offer. Except I will drive. Made more sense that way. HIs trip to pick me up would be a shape of a W. While my trip to pick him up would the shape of a V. Does that make sense?

I convinced him to allow me to drive. (I can't feel the pedals. Some people are wary. Pffft.)

We had a great time. Except for the part where conversation switched to politics (on purpose, by me) Turns out he despises Trump for all the usual reasons. I told that I have a different perspective. He quickly became agitated and shut down the discussion. So very typical. So easily predicted.

When it came time to pay I insisted because he turned me down before when I asked him. He insisted. And he is a very strong personality. But so am I . Both our wallets are out, both our cards on top. I told the waitress, "This is MY birthday, and MY birthday wish. He's insisting on paying but don't let him. I prevailed. So I paid for our lunch. And it really was my birthday wish. He denied me before.

And it made me feel GREAT!

Except this time it was no mystery.

john said...

Gig Young? Tell me no, not Gig.

john said...

Wiki: "[Walking Distance] was the most personal story Serling ever wrote, and easily the most sensitive dramatic fantasy in the history of television." The episode was listed as the ninth best episode in the history of the series..."

Gig was a major alcoholic. Probably did him in, and his wife too.

I'm going to watch that episode this evening.

Trooper York said...

Murder suicide.

The dude was married to Elizabeth Montgomery for crying out loud. And he divorced her!

I would shoot myself after that for fooks sake.

john said...

Well, she was a witch.

Turned him into a newt.

Chip Ahoy said...

The next day I made chocolate popsicles and they turned out fantastically. While enjoying the first one I thought, "Man, the kids would really get a kick out these things." So I ordered a popsicle mold set from Amazon and had them sent to my brother's kids along with another coloring book. I don't even know if they want one, or if they already have one. And the whole thing made me feel GREAT!

We near the end of the tale.

Overlapping this are articles I suddenly noticed recently, they sort of stuck out, one on Insty for sure and other places also picked up the same item. About giving making people feel good. I didn't read them because I was already feeling it. I know what they'd say. Most likely. But maybe they're talking about giving to charity. I don't know since I didn't read them. My feeling comes from one-on-one direct human contact. That's what makes me feel GREAT!

And I mean it.

Then right after that I get a UPS notification when I didn't buy anything else for myself. It's my brother sending me two pans. Just out of the blue. He already sent me one pan. Now he's on a pan kick, and he knows that I'll use them. It's something he knows that I'll like. And use. Our shipments will arrive the same day. And the exchange is no way coordinated. It's like karma.

And check out this note from the asshole guy I told you about. I'll copy/paste it to show his reaction. It just now came through email.

Here goes:

Thank you. I truly enjoyed being together.

I really admire your active and energetic life style.

You are a rare individual in this day and age of so much negative discourse which is just about everywhere in the world. It's so sad.

When you tell me how you have reached out to someone giving them a bulb, or a peach out of your pack, that is just wonderful for you and the person.

Signed with affection.

End of that.

And that was 6 lunch bags filled with bulbs, and an entire backpack filled with peaches. GAWL! And oddly I read it while slumming and chiding myself for being so inactive.

See what I'm getting at? It's like double payment that make me feel great over very small things. It's encouraging and there is positive feedback. It does make an impression. I think, but I don't know, because people are usually opposite. I'm guessing. Somehow it sticks out.