Sunday, July 23, 2017

"Trump Ruined Bisexual Wedding … By Winning"

Via Instapundit:  Author Beth McDonough told readers about her idyllic life and how President Donald Trump wrecked it all. “I came out as bisexual just over two years ago when I fell in love with the woman who is now my wife. My conservative, Christian family from small town West Virginia were nothing but open, loving, and supportive.”

So far, so good. Then the most awful thing happened -- the election. Our political neophyte who had never even voted before turned into (turnt?) the family member determined to annoy everyone. “I became terrified, and I got vocal about it. I attended rallies, I sent articles to my parents, I pleaded on social media for everyone who loves and supports me to please put their taxes and guns aside and stand up for human rights.”

Election day came. The libpocalypse. “I woke up in a stupor of shock. We lost. How could we have lost? The future was supposed to be bright and fair, not dark and hate-filled.”

Then came the betrayal! “One November 9th I saw an Instagram post from my cousin of he and his wife on a plane, celebrating the victory of President Donald Trump. He wasn't just happy, he was gloating, captioning the photo with hashtags like #Killary and #Hillaryforprison, exclaiming his excitement for Trump to make America great again.” Even more, an “ultra conservative, Christian cousin” of her wife to be didn’t approve of her gay wedding. Horrors. Or as the French would say, “Zut, alors!” (Who said I’m not multi-cultural?)

Naturally, she did what any newly woke, radical, alt-lefty, bisexual would do. She attacked her family. On the internet. “I wrote about the destructive election results, how I wasn't going to stay quiet about my discontent, and the dismay and sympathy I felt over my family, who all had to sit across from one another for dinner on Thanksgiving so soon after this historical event.”

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Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

Trump lives in a lot of people's heads, rent free.

edutcher said...

Um, IIRC, The Donald was nothing if not supportive of the AlphaSoup crowd.

Sounds like just another wacko Lefty, if you ask me.

Lem said...

It's got to be a byproduct of affluence.

Chip Ahoy said...

I've been excommunicated by friends in San Francisco. They're not responding to my emails. And ouch, I felt that. It hurt me.

Just dropped cold and cowardly without even a word.

So I've written one last time: "If so, then I'll grieve in private and leave you alone."

Up to now they've always responded fast and appropriately and gracefully. By not responding, I see I've been cut off.

And the odd thing is, I've never said anything political to them at all. Not once. I've been very careful about that. I know that they're political crackpot willing to accept corruption for their party, willing to accept distortions for their party. Because I know that's an impossible gulf.

But I have spoken to mutual friends here in Denver. But not very much. Not at all. That is not possible either. Extremely little for the same reasons. I never got into anything. Every discussion in Denver is shallow as kindergarten because my interlocutor cannot take anything beyond teaspoon depth. Even that makes them actually flounce. Flap their arms and bounce off out of sight, and literally flap their arms in return. Deliver some bit of shared liberal knowledge and bounce off flapping again. Think of another fine point that we've all heard ten billion times and flounce of flapping again. Unable to bear a retort. It would be comical were it not so angst-filled and occurring on my goddamn birthday party! Anything beyond common liberal received wisdom and the whole thing collapses like a building razed with carefully place dynamit. They get so worked up they actually shut down. It's amazingly impressively hopelessly retarded. Their minds cannot process anything, not one single thing, beyond the soft measured voices of reasoned liberal NPR or PBS. That is the apex of their comprehension. One single word outside of that rigidly structured edifice that must be constantly reinforced with fresh stucco slapped on, and allowing no variation in color or texture, literally and actually drives them to nervous breakdown.

Who needs that shit?

Chip Ahoy said...

So one of those dopes, and I mean political fucking dopes, mentioned something to our San Francisco friends, and whatever they said was entirely wrong. I cannot expect any one of them here bto relate anything that I said to them to my satisfaction. It's simply not possible. Whatever I say, they'll get wrong every time. Reliably and predictably.

So go ahead, go off and be wrong.

We speak separate languages. They say very odd things using the same English words that I use, like dead spiral through a tire, and key in Madison Square Garden, and swish, and hit a foul. And I say things like Clintons are history's most successful grifting family, and Hillary sold her Office of State for personal profit, and Clinton Foundations are 100% bogus, proven by them being closed down immediately upon losing for their usefulness to her is completed and beyond that they're nothing but burden, and Hillary blamed her own Middle East incompetence on a filmmaker who actually later jailed to take the focus off her, and Obama cut off credit card approval checks to allow for foreign contribution, and Obama told people to spend their birthday gift money to him and so on and Fast and Furious is an obvious move busted against American gun owner's constitutionally protected rights. Things that cannot pass through their ears lest it affect their own fragile and delicately organized minds, and storm on their stucco edifice that they just freshly coated as they must each day.

Fantasy political stucco edifices are very delicate things, you know. It takes the whole town constantly active to keep them up.

So just fuck the whole lot. I really don't need that ridiculous and dangerous brain dead emotional shit. Old things peel away on their own and new things spring up.

After all that, I do love the simple pleasure of watching things grow up out of the dirt. That never ceased to fascinate. So much more enjoyable than raking up and bagging dry withered crispy dead leaves.

So let the old washed out useless friendships fall way. I must now pray again.

When I was a child I spoke as a child and I understood as a child and I thought as a child but when I became a man I grew the fuck up.

And that right there is from the Bible! Corin Thians was talking about politics!

I told you all those San Francisco people in Batkid are brilliant and wonderful and wise and conservative in all aspects of life but when it comes to politics, to a person, they take a very high nose dive from the sublime to the ridiculous and flap around in a pool of bat shit insanity. And now they show that extremely odd trait to me again.

Goodbye, Dear Friends. It really was genuinely very real and nice.

Until it wasn't.

ricpic said...

The only way back for our fakokta world is for homosexuals, male and female, to once more be marginalized and reviled. "But how could that possibly happen?" say those born into a civilization in its decadent and therefore doomed stage. It will happen because of the time of troubles which is coming, a time of troubles that will dwarf the suffering of World Wars I and II. There will be neither appetite nor tolerance for SUICIDE in whatever emerges on the other side. That's how.

Leland said...

Chip, did your friends ever complain about Bush's line, "Either you are with us or you are with the terrorists."?

Mumpsimus said...

@Chip --

There's a lot of that going around these days, and the intensity is just baffling to me. It's about politics for heaven's sake! The only explanation I can think of is that, like racism, it's a manifestation of something in the deep subconscious: the enormous satisfaction people get from belonging to a superior group, which most other people acknowledge to be superior. The italicized part is key. You can see it in something as simple as being a jock in high school.

A century ago, most dirt-poor whites would not have traded places with a successful black man. Sure, the money would be nice, but they'd no longer be white. When the civil-rights wave arrived, a lot of these people were crushed. And very, very angry.

In one of GM Fraser's McAuslan stories, set in the late 1940s, a bagpiper says disdainfully that he has "played for a lot 'o wog princes an' the like." It would not even occur to him, a Sergeant in the British Army, to be envious of a powerful and wealthy Indian.

Similarly, it would not, until very recently, have occured to an Adjunct Professor making $26K a year to envy his plumber, who makes six figures and owns a home. Not One Of Us, you know. But the key notion that most of the world acknowledged his group to be superior came crashing down in last year's election. Now he has to take the "N V ME" vanity tags off his 2003 Fiesta. And God, the student loans!

Amartel said...

San Fran and the whole Bay Area is filled with bubbleheads who refuse to question authority; they just say their lines that they've learned off tv or whatever celebrity gossip site they visit sez. Trump: Bad, Friend of Vlad. Blah, blah, blah. It's easy and it absolves them of guilt. All they have to do is repeat the progressive catechism du jour. They cut you off because they know it's all bullshit. Deep down the progressive knows the Dems are out of ideas and credibility and that's got to be a blow if you've constructed your persona around being "progressive." (Note: Do not worship politicians.). All you can do is urge them to seek out other viewpoints and be less insular and intolerant. Flouncing will ensue because the CW is that they are the tolerant ones but it takes very little effort to drill down past that fallacy. There are people here, even in dark blue San Fran, who don't go along with this CW.

Amartel said...

Why the word "woke"? "Woke" is either a mundane thing that happens to everyone once a day (as in, I woke this morning) or something someone else does TO you (as in, I woke these zombies and now they follow my orders.)
Why not the word "awake" to describe the supposedly more aware state of being? Possibly because "woke" is just a more accurate description for progs?

Sixty Grit said...

Simple math would indicate for the marriage to be "bisexual" there were have to be a minimum of 3 parties involved.