Monday, July 24, 2017

What is your "never again" story?

Reddit top voted answers...

I worked as a tower hand for a construction company. I used to take of my lanyard and move between booms(500-600feet up.) I also would slide down the outside legs untethered because it was faster than climbing down the ladder. I cringe when I think about that there was zero chance of survival if I fell.

Timeshare presentation. I now know what hell is like. 8 hours of my life I'll never get back.
And of course the "free trip" was impossible to get. "We will call you on Monday sometime in the next two months, then you need to fly out on Tuesday and come back Wednesday."

Back in the days before soft contact lenses you were supposed to clean them with hydrogen peroxide and then use a special neutralizer tablet afterwards.
I forgot to use the neutralizer before I put my contacts in. Hydrogen peroxide in your eye HURTS!

Asking a woman when her baby is due.
Doesn't really need a story. It went as imagined.

Loaning money to a friend.
Lost the money and the friend. Not a very good deal

Rode an Amtrak train from New Orleans to Washington DC. I thought I was a prodigy by choosing coach seating over a sleeper car or flying as I was saving some money by doing so.
Jump forward to 25 hours in the same seat, dude next to me pulling a Germany VS Poland invasion of the armrest, baby screaming all night in the back of the car and I couldn't sleep. The Toilet situation had deteriorated onboarrd to the point where I would use elbows and my boots to open and close the door and flush the toilet as my fellow riders were baffled by the concept of flushing and utilizing a trash bin for paper towels.
I've been awake 25 hours by this point and it's 3:45am.
If I ever do this, it's gonna be in a sleeper car, fuck the savings.
Murder on the Orient Express had the right idea.


Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

If you loan money to a friend and lose the money and the friend, it might be a blessing. Provided it was not too much money. Better to find out in that situation than when you really needed that "friend."

edutcher said...

Never work for government.

Amartel said...

I would prefer to never again work for a large corporation or as a field hand. There are more parallels there than I care to remember.
But at least they didn't "chip" me.
Looking on the bright side.

Dad Bones said...

Getting involved with a millionaire divorcee/heiress. I thought I was going to put some joy into her miserable life but her misery found its way into mine.

Lem said...

I got burned lending money to a "friend".

Jim in St Louis said...

Never Again would I take three teen agers to a rock concert.

Nephew and friends wanted to go see Insane Clown Posse. My Sister (his Mom) said no way will I let these 16 year olds go to this concert. Me (trying to be the cool uncle) said- 'Oh come on Sis- we used to go to concerts and worse at that age. How about if I be the designated adult for this one and take them?' Wow what a lousy show! Hated every min I was there. Rough crowd- couple of fights and security knocking people around. But the cool uncle points did accrue as planned. The boys are now young men and have a great 'first concert' story to tell.

Sixty Grit said...

Never get married again, thereby I can avoid ever going through another divorce.

I don't loan money, I give it to friends in need. If it is a gift there is no expectation of repayment. If our paths never cross again it's all good.

Chip Ahoy said...

What Sixty said.

When people ask for help with cash just give it to them. Then they'll say, "I'll get it back to you ...."

Then you say, "Don't think about that. It just adds to anxiety. Plus it takes away all the fun."

And )))poof((( problem gone.

Except that does tend to bend things toward similar situations.

You know what? I have a new thing now. It's still in development stage. A lot of people out there could use just a little bit of help but don't ask for it. I don't have to be perceptive to find opportunities.

Here's an example.

There's a young guy who works everyday at the nearby bodega where I stop in now and then. He's always there. I mentioned that he must work quite a lot. He told me his hours and they're just ridiculous. I never worked that long. Not ever. I think it's a family run thing and he's taking over from his dad. I'm guessing at that.

I load whatever I buy there, usually milk, into my backpack. Sometimes there's already something in there. So I reposition things inside the backpack on their counter if nobody is waiting behind me.

I pulled out a long subway sandwich from two doors away.

He asked me if those things are any good.

They are very good. It shocked me that he had never tried one. Come on, the shop is right there! Just because his own shop is loaded with goodies shouldn't exclude anything else.

I just think it's amazing all these things are so close but the guy never tried anything else.

I did a similar thing with pizza a bunch of times and that's worked out very well. One guy said, "I can't believe you did this just now out of the blue like this. I was literally starving. And I mean it. It's like God sent an angel to save my life. It really does feel like that."

Who knew?

Something so simple. And now it seems obvious.

They're a teeny tiny bit more expensive for a sandwich, but what do I know? And everything is. So is everything in his shop.

So my new plan for this is buy two and stop in on my way home and hand one to him and leave. And not accept "no thanks" for an answer.


Most likely today. Like right now.

If it happens by chance that he's not there then I'll think, "Oh shit."

And either bring home the extra, for I do love them so, or offer it to any number of other possible marks, I meant to say subjects just now, I meant to say hungry people, on my way home. A hot sandwich, who can say no to that?

Enhance friendships through random hot sandwich donation. That's going to be a new expanded thing.

ricpic said...

Does anyone want to go through his youth....again? Problem solved ha ha ha.

Although I was reading a thread about the city of Hull in England, which, from the descriptions given is a provincial hole. Anyway, one of the commenters said that it was a magical place, back when. And another commenter said "No, you're remembering your youth in Hull. not Hull itself, Hull was magical because you were young in it." True dat.

Methadras said...

Working for Japs. Never again.

Sixty Grit said...

I worked for an American company that was taken over by japs - I got out before it went too bad. Later I worked for a company that was taken over by Chinese mafia - some of those guys did hard time, some escaped to the mainland prior to their arrest. Once again, I bailed.

But the worst, by far, were the Dutch. Next time the Germans can keep those wooden-shoe wearing dike building low landers. Michael Caine said it best in that Austin Powers movie.