Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Marilyn's Diary

My Uncle Herman could never connect with Eddie. He would try to do father and son things with him all the time. 

He would take him to the ball game and introduce him to Leo Durocher and Don Drysdale. Of course Eddie wasn't impressed because Sandy Koufax would come to our house all the time for sleepovers with Grandpa. He even slept with him in his coffin.. It was a tight fit but they climbed in head to feet. It must of been a tight fit because they made a lot of noise.

Uncle Herman would try to get Eddie interest in manly pursuits. He tried to teach him how to fix the car but Eddie didn't care. He only wanted to sneak around at night and peep into peoples windows. Or try to steal dirty underwear.

Eddie was a freak. I mean he was even a freak for a werewolf. He would always try to sneak around and peep at me. He didn't want to see my tits or my ass. He just wanted to see me pee. I had to be careful because I didn't want him to catch Uncle Herman when he would sneak into my room to make hot Munster love to me. So what I would do is deliberately pee in a pair of my panties. It would be sopping wet. I would put it on the windowsill as if I was trying to dry it. Eddie would smell it. He had a sniffer like a bloodhound. He would steal my undies and take it back to his coffin and wack off all night long.

So it was safe for Uncle Herman to sneak in and make love to me.

All it cost was a pair of panties and a little pee.


ricpic said...

That nice soft spoken Sandy Koufax was one of those? Is nothing sacred?!

Trooper York said...

He was very soft spoken because his mouth was always full.

Trooper York said...

Of cocks.