Monday, July 17, 2017

Ann Coulter

On Delta. What the heck, since we're having an airplane theme going on here. Here's your stink'n thirty bucks, Ann. And how rude of you to make such a fuss.


AllenS said...


Leland said...

Delta had a bad weekend.

Lem said...

Ann was annoyed that she had to switch seats 💺 I believe? I don't know the details.

AllenS said...

Evidently, there are no guarantees when you purchase a plane ticket.

Leland said...

Oh, I can guarantee a few things about purchasing a ticket; just not good things.

Chip Ahoy said...

Oh, sorry. I thought everybody already read this all over the place.

She prepaid 30 bucks for an assigned seat with extra legroom. She did quite a lot of research beforehand identifying the type of plane used for her trip, the arrangement of seats and so forth. Then when she boarded the stewardesses displaced her to favor another short-legged woman.

"Dachshund-legged woman" as Ann said in one of her 30 or so tweets in her tweet storm that went on for days. She took photos of the woman. She complained vehemently about everyone involved. She turned the "bitch mode" knob up to 11 and she hasn't stopped. They're fun to read. Recapped on The Gateway Pundit, on the Blaze, on Breitbart, on Town Caller, pretty much everywhere.

I know how she feels.

For I too used to seek out the seats behind the bulkhead or at escape doors over the wings, the back row, things like that. And it flat pissed me off whenever my precious space was invaded by other people's shit. "Can I put this here, under your seat?"


Everyone thinks that just because you're thin as a rail that your space is to be shared.

And it totally w@#@o2290i(*$)Q@l 20yI-2YPS23*(*(U@#$ me up when two plodding latecomer hippos board after everyone else, scope out the whole fuselage like hungry white sharks, with everyone else seated, and decide they must press against me. Because I'm the only one with an empty seat next to me who is skinny. You see, I can read their f'k'n minds. I see them make the logical decision. "Let's go crush the bean pole." Then I've got elbows in my lap the entire flight, and their fat f'k'n legs where my legs should go. Goddamnit I hate flying anymore.

I've got nothing but bitter complaints.

She should have flown first class. It's the only answer to it.

Except a lot of flights don't offer first class. Mexican Air didn't offer first class, and my own friend tortured me the whole way thinking it was a joke. Then apologized for a week when he realized after the flight that it really wasn't funny at all.

I could kill him with my bare hands.

It ruined my whole time.

Just as Ann's flight was ruined at the last moment by somebody else intruding into her space.

Ann believes that the stewardess did this because Ann's reputation is well known. And no reason was ever given for the seat swap. And Ann cannot do anything about it onboard. She thinks this is personal. And she's probably right. She must take her fight out of the airport. She did what she must do. Let them have it POW right in the kisser. Right in the only place they can feel anything -- their competitive reputation. On social media. But not at the airport and and not on the plane where the crew are like gods and call all the shots. So she let loose a Twitter storm against Delta and it's spread like wildfire.

Honestly. I assumed you all knew all this.

edutcher said...

She needs a man.

ampersand said...
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ampersand said...
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ampersand said...

She'd have my sympathy except for tweeting that the doctor dragged off the United flight should be deported. People who live in glass twitters should't throw tweets.

m9777 said...

Delta is stupid and never should have responded. Professionalism at Delta is sorely lacking. Sometime silence is the correct response.

Chip Ahoy said...

Ampersand, yeah, she's not a sympathetic character. She's a fighter. Lawyer mentality. Disputative. Polemical. I don't think she's looking for anyone's sympathy.

Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

"She needs a man."

Watch "her" when she swallows. Maybe when she was dating Bill Maher she was pitchin?