Sunday, July 23, 2017

Trump, America's Got Talent 2017

Stop it with the fake boos.

The audience responds negatively. They don't like the whole setup. Mel B hits "X" the instant she see him. She's not having it. 

But he wins over the audience and the judges get the joke. It's a fine well done joke. Simon Cowell gets the humor immediately. 

He comes back for a second audition and by then all the audience is entirely won over. They know what to expect and they want to see more. I think he progresses to a third round. If you care to see them, the rest come up in sidebar over on YouTube. 

I think his imitation is hilarious.


Eric the Fruit Bat said...

My latest thing is: I keep hearing Kelsey Grammer reciting "Jabberwocky." It's not unpleasant, though. Not at all. In fact, I quite enjoy it.

Perhaps now is where I should mention that I don't really hear him. Not really. Not with my ears, anyway. In my head.

And, again, it's rather enjoyable.

Chip Ahoy said...

My mother acted out that poem to show it making sense.

One two, one two (jab, jab) and through and through (slice, slice) killed him dead (dump a load) and with his head (under one arm) he went galumphing back (stumble backward holding imaginary head)

chickelit said...