Tuesday, July 18, 2017

"DC allows doctors to prescribe life-ending medications"

Via Drudge: Doctors and pharmacies in the nation’s capital are now allowed to prescribe life-ending medications to terminally ill patients.

The Death with Dignity Act of 2016 became law with the signature of Mayor Muriel Bowser in December of 2016. Now the Bowser administration has announced the implementation of the law in the District.

The city said the law allows terminally ill D.C. residents over the age of 18 to legally obtain a physician’s prescription for medications to end their lives in a humane and peaceful manner.

For a person to elect to end his life legally in the District, the individual must work with doctors and pharmacies licensed in D.C. that are willing to prescribe and dispense the lethal medications.

For doctors and pharmacies, participating in the Death with Dignity program is voluntary.

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john said...

The chemical companies who once provided the lethal cocktails to dispatch prisoners on death row, and who were maligned and driven out of that business for their complicity in state-imposed murder, now have a new market opening up.

Eric the Fruit Bat said...

So far, my greatest objection is to the name "Death with Dignity."


We live in a world full of lies.

Leland said...

And they said Trump wants to drain the swamp. Trump has nothing on Progressives when they decide to take a great leap forward.

edutcher said...

Or a Cultural Revolution.

Commies are all alike, aren't they?

Rabel said...

It's about the right to choose.

Here are your choices in DC:

Secobarbital capsules mixed with juice or

Pentobarbital mixed with juice or

Phenobarbital, chloral hydrate, and morphine sulfate mixed with

Leland said...

John said it first and was right; block prisons from using the drug, and then give Big Pharma a new market. And they say Republicans messing with Healthcare will kill people.

Eric the Fruit Bat said...

I think maybe I'd like to go old school. A nice hot bath and a razor.

Amartel said...

Yeah, Frankie Five Angels had the right idea.