Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Watch Andrew Kaczynski scrambling

Like a little bitch.

Goodness, this sure is a lot of tweets just for one little issue. Andrew Kaczynski's Twitter timeline usually has one post per issue. Up to now by his Twitter, he's come off as somewhat sane, passably balanced. 

It means Andrew Kaczynski feels he has a lot of explaining to do. And that's not so easy in 140 characters and less. He's spinning his wheels off denying CNN ever threatened where clearly they did. He's distorting the sequence of events. He is lying about the Reddit editor. (Admittedly an unsavory fellow, but so what.) 

He's dragged CNN down to a new low even lower than than the previous low. And all it took was a simple and amusing animated GIF of the sort that every person in the news experiences. 

One can probably conclude Trump is genius at media manipulation but that cannot happen without CNNs perverse obsession. To spend more than fifteen seconds on this is too much time for CNN but they made it an issue then dwelt on the issue they created obnoxiously long and perversely in depth. And now just look at Andrew Kaczynski spinning and lying to dissuade his followers not to believe what they read for themselves and convince them they misunderstand plain simple language. CNN threatened to dox the Reddit user, they did that to scare off any future satirists, and there is no taking that back. Sorry, Chump, you're busted. Now expect a lot more of the same. 

Let's see what the flying monkeys are up to. Seems they're interested in making new memes. They're discussing not using old memes like anything with "gate" in it, that meme is old and busted. They need something new. But so far it appears they haven't taken it further than that. 

It's an odd site. Old School scripting. Like Twitter the beginning of the discussion is at bottom. There are some amusing GIFs mostly bearing on violence with similar face overlays and CNN logo overlays. They're deciding on changing CNN logo to gray and white indicating all life is drained from it. They're completely against this attack on free speech. 

Here's how to find the political discussions on 4chan. 

The address is and NOT which is dedicated to porn. There is nothing about politics in the menu on front page. Click on anything innocent. The next page to come up offers a different menu at both top and bottom. They're address extensions arranged alphabetically. Select "pol" from the menu that appears on each page except home. The address in the browser bar is Other political issues are on the same board. Scroll down until you see CNN. Click on the stagnate photos in the sequence of posts. Over half of them enlarge to rudimentary animated GIFs. Most are amusingly childishly violent as the first one from Reddit retweeted by Trump. Drawn from video games and entertainment wrestling. It's all kid's stuff with a few discussing the seriousness of the trouble that Andrew Kaczynski cooked up for himself aiming at Trump, and the depth that CNN has sunk themselves by their determination to make themselves into resistance and propaganda posing as news. is cute.

You know, 4chan could really use a few better animators. Their skill level is rather slapdash, I must say. All of the GIFs shown can be made in five minutes or less. B3ta, children themselves, mock 4chan's childishness daily. Where Americans are impressed with 4chan tracking down Sia LaBeouf by mere photos of contrails and patterns on wood and a flagpole. 

This episode is not going to end well. I don't know. I assume trust will be hard or impossible to win back once it is shot so ridiculously this way and with such mean spirit toward everyone, even their own viewers. Meanwhile Trump persists with his own priorities while knocking out the occasional displeasing tweet that takes him a whole ten seconds at most and that sends CNN into desperate flights that consume them for weeks and diminish their influence each time. And they take the bait reliably every single time, Trump knows they cannot resist him, they're honestly thinking they've got him this time. Every time. Just look at Andrew Kaczynski squirm.

The remarkable thing is Andrew Kaczynski is actually quite a smart fellow. I followed him when I was on Twitter because he is interesting. Was interesting. This shows how hardcore partisanship makes smart people frustratingly dumb. Well, that just too bad.


edutcher said...

Same old, same old.

Big guys go after little guy while claiming to be on the side of little guys.

Get shown up for the slobs they really are.

rhhardin said...

The Unibomber runs CNN?

The postman cometh
"Oh, boy! A package for me!"
Twisted hermit strikes.

Unibomber Haiku

AllenS said...

CNN can and will go lower than this.

chickelit said...

Cabal News Network lashing out.

Dickin'Bimbos@Home said...

How very Clinton.

Dickin'Bimbos@Home said...


Leland said...

Has CNN identified the actor that put the Trump makeup on the Julius Caesar character? Asking for a friend.

Kudos to CNN for quickly identifying their employee that made a meme of beheading Trump. I heard she got visited yesterday.

Methadras said...

This isn't even blackmail. This is media police coercion of a private citizen and they were going to reveal his identity because their feelz got hurt.

Amartel said...

Scratch a "liberal" find a fascist.
Every. Time.
It's why I got off Facebook. I don't want to know the number of fascists I know.

Trooper York said...

Why not use your mad internet skills to devise some memes to smack around CNN?

ampersand said...

Meanwhile in 10 years CNN nor any of the MSM has discovered anything substantial from the murky history of Obama.

ndspinelli said...

Elitist organizations are crumbling around the world. The cops just broke up a gay orgy @ the Vatican. At what fucking point do the apologists who claim gay priests were few in number and this is all anti-Catholic propaganda going to finally admit the Church is rotten to its very core?

Dickin'Bimbos@Home said...

When Justice Alito mouthed the words "NOT TRUE" regarding Obama's lie about the true meaning of Citizens United...

The CNN hack press never pointed out that Alito was right, Obama -- a fucking liar.

Chip Ahoy said...

Why not use your mad internet skills to devise some memes to smack around CNN?


I did mine already this morning.

CBD posted a painting of a jester all worn out and with a flagon of wine at his side. One expects jesters to be dressed in harlequin or colorful ridiculous checkerboard blocks and multi pointed hat, but this guy is all brown and exhausted and drunk. It's irresistible.On account of being so dull.

And besides, 4chan is contriving all the memes one could ask for. They seem now to be narrowing it all down to forced confession. But there is so little humor in them because all the source photos are actual forced confessions that we've seen in the news. And all those are too dreadful to be funny. (For Americans. British satirists have no such qualms. Nothing is too soon for them.) Al Qaida, ISIS, and North Korean soldiers escorting the brain damaged student. I've even seen them reposted already. We're soon to be flooded. Amazing to watch it all happen in realtime, actually. See them posted inside comments at The Gateway Pundit , Breitbart, the Blaze, Legal Insurrection, Conservative Treehouse and such, comments on Twitchy and all over the place.

It's a thing of real beauty. The smackdown of internet 2.0. It's brilliant.

It's come to the point that whenever I'm linked to a site without comments, I think, f you. I'm outta here. Why listen to anyone who doesn't listen themselves? Who presume they cannot be contradicted, corrected or more roundly informed. Just f the whole lot and get the same information elsewhere.

Trooper York said...

There are always going to be gay scandals in the Church because the liberal factions are accepting of gay behavior.

If you let gay people into your organization they are going to be gay. It is human nature.

So I totally agree. Gay Catholic priests are rotten to the core and are a scandal to the Church. You get no argument from me.

Trooper York said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Trooper York said...

When Pope John XXIII destroyed the Church with his liberalization he fostered the current scandal.

A coterie of gays took over many ministries and reject non-gay vocations. I personally know of two people who wanted to become priests but were turned away because of the gay mafia in the Church. They were both widowers and wanted to spend the last 30 years of their life serving God. They were turned away.

Pope Francis is the spiritual successor of Pope John XXIII and his actions of promoting liberation theology and appointed abortion supports to his Academy for Life will further erode the Church's majesty.

I expect the Church will survive as it always has and always will. It might take a schism or some other cataclysmic event. Most conservative Catholics such as myself are taking the path of St. Benedict. We have to wait for a leader who will reverse course. Another Pope John Paul II the Polish Pope. That is our only hope to get back the Church that used to be for thousands of years.

Trooper York said...

The Boy Scouts are about to find out what happens when you allow gays to have positions of authority in your organization.

The lawsuits and judgements will force them to sell off most of their campgrounds and the organization will be gutted and destroyed within twenty years at best.

I was a Scout for forty years being everything from a Cub Scout to a Scoutmaster to a Committee member. I had to leave the organization when it succumbed to the pressure of political correctness.

I don't have that option in the Church. I can just take the Path of St Benedict and hope for the best.

But when the Popes appointees countenance the death of a beautiful baby for the sake of convenience I just don't know.

Trooper York said...

That is not to say that some gay priests were not good and holy men. Father Mychal Judge was one. Pope Benedict was most likely another. I presume he was forced out by means of blackmail and forced to abdicate in favor of the ultra-liberal Francis.

That is part of the problem. Even holy and celibate priests are subject to blackmail and coercion by the very forces that pretend to support their lifestyle while using it as a club to gain their ends.

It is a major reason why women can never be priests. Or should never be priests. Imagine the scandal of an out of wedlock pregnancy. Sometimes the best way to avoid a problem is too not provide temptation.

Priests should only be heterosexual celibate men. As per tradition. Period.

Preferrably Italian as the Irish priests give tough pennances. Just saying.

Trooper York said...

This is of course a tangent and not what this post is about.

I think we can all agree that CNN is totally out of bounds.

Chip Ahoy said...

To get Andrew's face and the CNN logo to have the same time-damaged look as the painting I did something strange in Photoshop layers.

It's a small thing but it makes the difference between 4chan and the rest of the Photoshop world.

Wanna hear it? The 4chaners can use a little help.

Okay. Hang onto your hat, goes like this.

Andrew's face is from his Twitter account and it's dragged to photoshop already opened with the jester background image, right on top of the source jester. Not a separate file, rather a new layer in the same file. Now there are two layers. The solid background and Andrew's face that is a 100% opaque transparency. Weird, huh? The whole layer is transparent except for Andrew's tiny face.And that face can be adjusted, resized, tilted, moved, and selected for its shape as if intending to do something with the face, but actually moving to another layer and selecting jester background instead. This is just clever as hell. Rather like hacking Photoshop functions to do something other than Photoshop programmers intended.

The sizes are wildly off and the face is nice and clear while the jester is a time-damaged painting.

Shrinking the face and tilting it to mach is not enough to get them to blend.

The face is feathered by 1 pixel all around. So that it doesn't look like it was cut with scissors.

The face layer is duplicated and the new face layer dragged over to some other part of the plain jester background that is textured as time-damaged painting. This is to have the new face shape. size, and aspect selected. But we don't care about this second face. Instead we click down to the background layer and use the face selection to grab background.

A new face shape background is pasted onto a new transparent layer. The obscuring face-shape background is dragged back directly over the new Kaczyski face.

Now, here is my own skill coming out. I was not taught this. I did not read this in a book. I figured this out by myself. This is what makes me so cool.

The erasure tool is expanded to encircle way beyond the face. The tool is adjust to erase only 15% or so. It's used in taps to erase incrementally the painting background over the face.

tap, tap, tap, tap, tap, tap, tap,

Until the desired degree of overlain background is diminished over the face. This makes the face look more like the time-damaged painting and not at all like the bright shiny Twitter profile photograph.

The same thing is done with the CNN logo.

Except the logo has a perspective thing going on. It must be resized and its corners pulled to match the corners of the original tile block in the painting and disguised the same way as the face.

So, now the layers are a stack of transparencies that looks like this, a ladder of sorts.

7) CNN logo shaped original painting background adjusted to show through but still obscure as a textured damaged painting.
6) CNN duplicated adjusted logo to move around for its shape and the first one can stay put
5) CNN original bright happy background adjust to fit a block in perspective in the right place.
4) Kaczyski face shaped original painting background adjusted to show through but still obscure as a textured damaged painting.
3) Kaczyski face duplicated to move around so the first face can stay put.
2) Kaczyski face bright and happy in the right place.
1) Original jester time-damaged painting.

The duplicated face and CNN logo layers used to select original background are shut off so they do not show.
All other layers are turned on so they all show.

Boink. All layers combined into one layer.


I left out the part about dodging Kaczyski's hair around the edges to blend with the black shadow of the jester's hood.
I left out the part of removing Kaczyski's ears so they don't stick out beyond the Jester's hood.

And now you have the knowledge that I was forced to discover by myself. (This new generation. You guys got everything so easy.)

Sixty Grit said...

Chip, that is a totally excellent bench you have that mook seated on. Very elemental and robust. Thanks for posting that - now I have something to build.

Chip Ahoy said...

I didn't put him the bench. That is the original painting.

All I did was the tiny face and even tinier CNN logo.

Sixty Grit said...

What is the title of the original, and who painted it - that furniture is very interesting.

MamaM said...

The Jester by John L. Wimbush, Dartmouth Museum. Born in 1854, Wimbush was a figurative and landscape painter and illustrator. He worked in London from 1890-1902 and then in Dartmouth.

Sixty Grit said...

Wow, MamaM, you rock - thank you. The curved top of the legs is a real nice touch and one I would not have thought of on my own. In fact in my initial sketch I had drawn that as a straight line. The more you know...