Sunday, July 16, 2017

Goodbye Joe Scarborough . . . Hello, Kid Rock

Via InstapunditThe contrast between the two is striking.

Scarborough is at home in Washington. Kid Rock lives in Detroit.

Joe curries favor with coastal elites. Kid Rock is at home in the middle of the country. And it’s no wonder: He’s travelled the country by bus and minivan on more than 25 tours with legends like Lynyrd Skynyrd and David Allen Coe.

Kid Rock has the long, stringy hair of ’70s rock gods while Scarborough wears a Ken doll bouffant—a requirement for male TV anchors so hackneyed that it has become a stock punchline.

Perhaps most striking is the music. Kid Rock plays straightforward American rock and roll. Scarborough sings Britpop retreads steeped in the sort of hipster self-regard that is unbecoming in a 20-year-old student at a small liberal arts college let alone in a middle-aged man.


AllenS said...

That was a good trade off.

edutcher said...

The pink pullover is a killer, too.

ricpic said...

Kid Rock gets it. The fakokta bureaucrats won't let him fix his own house up the way he wants!

bagoh20 said...

Morning Joe is a sad show and has been for a while. First they would sit there all upset that a clown like Trump was even allowed to run his hopeless candidacy. Then as he made fools of them on one prediction after another, they switched to hand wringing over Hillary's blatant lies and corruption. Now, they are spending every day in near hysteria over how terrible Trump is. They are in a constant state of dread, and negativity that is just pathetic to watch. It's a Chicken Little party with no hope in sight. They need a truckload of kleenex.