Sunday, July 16, 2017

Tales of Amy's Garden

General Woundwort McCain: You were one of those on the riverbank. Did Bigwig send you? You know President Trump?
Hazel: I'm a friend of President Trump. And no that is not a wig. That is his real hair. I have come to tell you that we have to end the endless wars. Nation building. Overturning governments in places like Iraq and Libya and now Syria. It has to end now. It is none of our business.
General Woundwort McCain: What was left unfinished will be finished now. We have to show the world that we are the world’s policeman. That we will overturn the tyrants in Syria and Russia and North Korea. Everywhere they do not bend to our superior thoughts and words. We are the ones who will decide. We are the one world government and everyone from Trump to Putin will bow to our dictate.
Hazel: It would be better for both of us if we could come to terms with the fact that we cannot control the world. That we have to worry about our own people. That we have to put the Warren first. Worry about the rabbits not the world. Let the camels and the men who love them take care of themselves.
General Woundwort McCain: Terms? You want to come to terms with our limitations?  Very well. These are my terms. Hand over all the deserters immediately. All of you who dare to stand against the Global ambitions of the Deep State. Bannon. Miller. Donald Trump Jr. All of them must be destroyed.
Hazel: We couldn't agree to that. But I can suggest something better, for both of us--
General Woundwort McCain: [dangerous] You're in no position to bargain. I control the Senate. I control the media. They love me and will do my bidding. They will destroy you and Bigwig.
Hazel: We shouldn't be fighting each other. We have enough enemies as it is. Perhaps we should be together. A joining of free, independent people who work for the people. The people of America. The people of America first, last and always.
General Woundwort McCain: [considers this] Ah, I have no time for this nonsense!
Campion: Shall I kill him, sir?
General Woundwort McCain: No. [to Hazel] You take back our terms. And you tell your chief, Bigwig, that if he and Bannon and the others aren't waiting outside when I come for them, I'll tear out every throat in the place!
Hazel: I am sorry General. I will pass on your demands but I know that the President will never surrender. He will fight for his people and they are behind him. All the way. It is war. To the knife.


edutcher said...

Junior is ready for the Old Swab's Home.

This is the latest in a series of incapacitations. I don't think he gets another.

edutcher said...

And just in time to emphasize the point comes this...

Looks like it wasn't that simple a procedure after all

ricpic said...

"That young man...there's something...not...right..."

John snapped to attention,
The most rigid in class,
While others cavorted
He suffered no sass.

That which is wound tightly
Must surely explode,
Tense back and tense jaw
On his high righteous road.

What makes a warmonger?
What makes him that way?
Why prefer roiling anger
To the social sashay?

William said...

"Minimally invasive craniotomy." Is that what they call an oxymoron? I wish him well, but it doesn't sound like the kind of thing that an octogenarian recovers from in a speedy way.

chickelit said...

In McCain's defense: You fight them now or later.

rcommal said...

Just predictin': Life will not get better. Death will be no less relentless.

AJ Lynch said...

Ironic the Dems passed Obamacare with Ted Kennedy's vote and then he croaked. It looks like the Repubs will miss repealing Obamacare because McCain may croak.