Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Journalism today


Dickin'Bimbos@Home said...

Press also refers to anyone not socialist commie democrat corruptocrat proggressive fascist as "nativist"

Leland said...

They don't need to win back voters. They just need to squash inquiries into domestic voter fraud and manipulation to protect the voting rights of the dead.

edutcher said...

The Big Fat Pig pulled that one.

I guess the fake media just ate it up.

Amartel said...

Journalism=writing in your journal "I hate America" using as many words as possible.
That's an objective fact.
(The "Duh" is implied.)

Chip Ahoy said...

BIg fat one.

So where are the comments over there on Fox Politics? Huh? Where? Nowhere, that's where.

Oh, that's right, they're all about talk at you but no listening allowed. Can't have their rube readers embarrassing them with remarks like:

Just one more way of saying Trump must shut up.

They really REALLY REALLY don't like it whenever Trump talks to crowds. It's frightening.

So of course they're shocked to their core. They see Trump being re-elected. Their plans failing. Trump rattles their bird cage. Hard.

While agreeing that politics is displaced. Few boys of that age are even faintly concerned about political details. And if they were concerned their tender boyish hearts will comport more with Democrat rhetoric.

But Trump is not speaking politics to the boys, (they liked Obama too, although he never bothered with accepting their invitation, and that really is an incredible sight) rather, since speaking to his own Dept. heads privately is now a matter of months long investigation, he is speaking to his own cabinet heads, to his own staff, to everyone else paying attention. Just as he speaks directly to them on Twitter, another method that impels Democrats, GOPe, NeverTrumpers, Media to urge him to stfu. Please, please, we beg you for your own good, just stfu.

If American Boy Scouts are Hitler's youth, then Obama's civic army the size of the military are all Brown Shirts.

So just suck my angularly hanging merit badge sash.