Wednesday, April 12, 2017

"Republicans hold Kansas House seat with late Trump support"

Via InstapunditRepublican Kansas State Treasurer Ron Estes defeated Democrat James Thompson and Libertarian Chris Rockhold Tuesday night to keep the state's 4th congressional district in GOP hands.

Estes won the special election race to replace former Rep. Mike Pompeo, who took over as CIA director in January. His margin of victory was just 6.8 points.

In recent days, Estes was buoyed by support from high-profile Republicans in a last-minute push. President Trump and Vice President Pence both recorded robocalls on Estes' behalf, while Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, campaigned with the GOP nominee at a rally on Monday. Cruz is popular among state Republicans and won the Kansas caucuses last March.



AllenS said...


AJ Lynch said...

MSM tries to make an 7 point win sound like it was a squeaker.

edutcher said...

Clearly the True Trump Voters still believe in him.

ampersand said...

MSM tries to make an 7 point win sound like it was a squeaker.

Indeed. I read a link from Drudge yesterday about this. I think it was to the AP after he won, the entire article was worded as if Estes lost and Republicans are fearful. If you read various MSM stories on this they are similar. Journolist is alive and well.

AJ Lynch said...


When Dems are in the minority in a House or Senate, the MSM regularly writes stories about what they have to do to get back into the majority.

When Repubs are in the minority, the MSM is all crickets about the Repubs getting back in power.

chickelit said...

This mere 7-point loss signals the return of the D-party and the inevitable return of Hillary and her eventual ascendancy to the White House.