Sunday, April 30, 2017

Trump rally, Harrisburg and media

My opinion is formed and reinforced by the things I allow my eyeballs to see.

There was a rally in Harrisburg. Did you hear about that?

I caught the link on Drudge to a live Trump rally in Harrisburg and watched it live last night, picking up with Pence talking to the crowd. Then Trump came out and delivered this classic Jerry Seinfeld type opening and I thought, "OMG, he's going to be a comedian."

I watched a rather standard Trump rally with a little bit of difference of Trump shaking hands with people at the front of the crowd at the beginning. The arena was packed and the line to get in was long. Trump spoke about his first one hundred days in his style opening with who he is proud of, the people behind him literally onstage, and who he is not proud of, the people before him, the media. RSM exempted, apparently. They take no umbrage and report cheerfully. It is very good television from my point of view.

The Trump part, not the whole thing.

Full event. For Trump, skip to near the end 5:33:01.

This is an advantage of Trump as president that I didn't think about previously. Trump's trolling of the correspondent's dinner is masterful. I'm impressed.

Trump didn't care to play their little reindeer games as constituted and he provided a better show. The contrast between presidents in this correspondents dinner thing is startling. Presidents like Bush and like Obama who are brought up through our political system and are woven into it gave energy to the correspondents dinner and got energy in return from it while Trump regards the whole lot as cockroaches. Roger Simon's "Waiting for Donald" is a good insightful article on this subject.

I let my eyeballs see The Gateway Pundit. When I type "the" into my browser's address bar it fills in the address for "thegatewaypundit." (When I type "theb" into the address bar then the browser autofills for "theblaze.") Gateway Pundit has a piece about the correspondent's dinner president saying "the media is not the enemy of the American people" in response to Trump calling them all liars. I didn't read it. 

In comments someone posted a picture of text:

* There are lies of commission
* There are lies of omission
* And there are lies of spin

(Imagine keeping this picture in a file on your computer and dropping it into comments wherever relevant. Say, instead of simply typing each time.)

And I let my eyeballs watch the regular news on regular over-the-air television. But only for a minute. A woman introduced a Bernie Sanders-led protest about Trump's rally and the correspondent's dinner. The proper news is the Washington correspondent's dinner. Trump trolled that. Now the whole thing is ruined. Trump is absent from the dinner so there is no way to cover the dinner without also covering Trump's. No way to cover Trump's absence without also covering what Trump got up to. Trump's rally is numerically greater than the Washington dinner. The rally is closer to the people receiving news than the Washington dinner. The Trump rally taken to his supporters is now a greater story than the smug exclusive self-regarding Washington dinner. Trump wins again. Sanders' pointless protest is what gets covered when regular news looks elsewhere to avoid both Trump and the correspondent's dinner. This media outlet wants us to see Bernie and not to see the Washington dinner and certainly not to see Trump's rally. *click* For viewers who know about all three then this reporting comes off as defensive and sickly lame. Damaging. Destructive. To one's own industry. American media cannot report accurately if their lives depended on it, and their professional lives do depend on it. This situation can be overcome by reporting accurately on both Trump and on the Washington dinner, and not at all on Sanders who is not relevant to any of this but that is not possible for American media as composed and that is why American media is not trusted. The rally was great. Enjoyed without the resistance of media.


Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

The media either ignored it or mocked it, but Trump got the better of this weekend. The media hates he is going over them. I thought the President did a very good job.

edutcher said...

The best part of "the media is not the enemy of the American people" is the egghead saying it, looking the the Klink lookalike who was supposed to be the NeverTrumpers' Great Wussy Hope.

And this is what Reagan had over the Left. Both Trump and Reagan knew how to be themselves, how to present themselves, and to be at ease with the people.

The Lefties have a long 8 years ahead of them.

Lem said...

I tweeted that the Trump rally was his version of equal time. Remember the equal time doctrine back in the 80s?

Lem said...

What electing Trump has done to liberals is that it has taken a big weapon away from their arsenal.

The weapon could best be summarized by the Alinky rule along the lines of "Make the enemy live up to their own book of rules".

We have elected a flawed man who has never pretended to be a saint.

It has devastated the media/liberal establishment in ways they seem unable to be able to recover from.

The Pocahontas flap is the latest example. They call Trump racist while completely ignoring the fact that Warren lied about being a Native American to get the teaching position at a university.

Lem said...

The fact that Trump comes along on the heals of their saint Obama is like icing on the cake.

Trooper York said...

Trump trolled them and rolled them and they just don't get it.

It is laughable.

Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

It is entertaining as hell.

Rabel said...

"The Alinky Rule" - I think Evi calls that Rule 5.

Leland said...

First Amendment pin, they aren't even hiding it anymore are they. Never has any person on the right, much less Trump, talked about amending either the First or Second amendments. The only people blocking speakers and threatening violence at parades are on the left. Putting on pins as if the White House is censoring speech is why over 50% of the American people don't trust the media.