Sunday, April 16, 2017

"The effort to cleave California faces its own split"

Via InstapunditIf there’s one thing Jed Wheeler and Marcus Ruiz Evans agree on, it’s that things in California need to change.

The state sends too much money to Washington, they say, and is both politically and culturally out of step with a country that lacks its openness and vitality.

“We can solve our own problems and don’t need to wait on a government 3,000 miles away,” said Wheeler, echoing Evans’ suggestion that Democratic-leaning California would be far better off going it alone as a separate country.

They sharply disagree, though, on the matter of how and precisely when California should seek a divorce from the other 49 states.

Evans is pushing a ballot measure that would put the question of secession before voters in 2018, believing the time has never been so ripe to form a breakaway nation. Wheeler is working to create a pro-secession political party, looking a dozen or more years down the road when its candidates hold office, and fears that a premature vote would undermine the effort.

In short, the effort to cleave California faces a crackup of its own.

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ampersand said...

They throw around the factoid that red states get the most federal money for the taxes they pay. Mississippi is cited as the biggest welfare queen of the states, however the money is just a calculation of the fed money percentage to the total state budget. 43 percent of Mississippi's budget is covered by the Fed. They get 7.5 billion dollars. 25 percent of California's budget is Federal money but they get 54 billion dollars. The highest of all the states, New York is number 2 at 46 billion,28% of budget.

Illinois seems to get screwed by getting 19 billion/29%, but you wont hear them complaining.
They don't want no one poking around their finances. The entire state and Chicago government would be in jail if they were audited.

The numbers can be found at

edutcher said...

Where are all the Lefties who told us the issue of secession had been settled in 1865 when TX wanted to do it?

Well, maybe those other five states will want back in the Union.

C'mon CA, make oopsy happy.

Chip Ahoy said...

The word "cleave" caused me to not comprehend the issue.

Because it goes like this: split stick split stick split stick split stick split stick split stick split stick


Dust Bunny Queen said...

YES!! Let it happen. State of Jefferson.

Actually, we are going to a meeting, about 50 miles away, at the end of the month which is "supposed" to include the representatives of our 4 most northern counties and several of the main people in the Jefferson movement. Hopefully it won't be just another useless circle jerk session (sorry for the crude visual)

In any case we are going to go in our 72 K5 Blazer, which has a license plate frame that says.

State of Jefferson
Border Patrol

I think that makes a statement that is clear. Don't you?


Dust Bunny Queen said...

State of Jefferson Flag

Rabel said...

I'm fully in favor of California declaring its independence and secession from the USA. I'm also fully in favor of the USA then sending a division or two into Sacramento to show them the error of their ways.

And then, after a decade or two or three under a military governor (preferably someone with Tecumseh or Ulysses in their name) I believe they will get their heads right and come around to the Union's way of thinking. It's been done before.

And while we're at it, it's always bothered me that America's Hat is cutting off our direct access to the beautiful state of Alaska. I propose sending a company or two of Marines or Rangers north to lay claim to everything west of the Hudson Bay. Think of all the lovely land, minerals, oil and vacation opportunities waiting for us in the Great White North.

Canada might not approve, but they're fucking Canadians. What are they gonna do about it. Throw hockey pucks at us. MAGA.