Friday, April 14, 2017

I am glad I don't follow the NFL anymore........It is sick out there and getting sicker.

Smoking Gun? New Email Evidence May Show Eli Manning Defrauded Memorabilia Collectors, Lawyer Says

by Dylan Gwinn  Breitbart News April 14, 2017

 Well, Eli Manning’s offseason just got a whole lot more interesting.
Potentially damning evidence has emerged in the ongoing memorabilia fraud case between New York Giants signal caller Eli Manning and some sports memorabilia collectors. The suit alleges that Manning cooperated with memorabilia dealer Steiner Sports to sell helmets to fans who thought they were purchasing game-used helmets.
Among court documents obtained by the New York Post is an email from Manning to a Giants equipment manager in 2010. In the email, Manning asks the equipment manager if he could provide, “2 helmets that can pass as game used.”
Manning’s apparent lack of concern over whether or not the helmets were game-used authentic has the plaintiff’s attorney Brian Brook up in arms. Brook told the New York Post, that the email constitutes, “direct evidence that Manning knowingly gave fraudulent helmets to Steiner for sale to fans.”
The email, disclosed by Manning and his attorneys, originated from Manning’s private account.

The Giants released a statement on the matter shortly after the Post story broke. According to Karren Kessler, spokesperson for McCarter & English, the law firm representing the Giants, “The email, taken out of context, was shared with the media by an unscrupulous memorabilia dealer and his counsel who for years has been seeking to leverage a big payday. The email predates any litigation, and there was no legal obligation to store it on the Giants server. Eli Manning is well known for his integrity and this is just the latest misguided attempt to defame his character.”
Though this incident occurred away from the field, if found guilty Manning could still face a possible suspension by the league if the NFL finds the offense “conduct detrimental,” or in violation of the conduct policy.
The Giants and the team’s equipment manager have also been named in the suit, along with Manning and Steiner Sports.


chickelit said...

Manning is like a porn star selling "used" thongs.

edutcher said...

Too bad it isn't like the old days.

The last year the Dodgers were at Ebbetts Field, my dad and I went on Camera Day, got to talk to Duke Snider, PeeWee Reese, Gil Hodges, and Carl Furillo, shot some home movies.

They didn't ask a cent, were glad to talk to a couple of fans. The way it should have stayed.

Trooper York said...

Memorabilia is a scourge. Its a mugs game. So many people get cheated. Especially kids. It's a damn shame.

Trooper York said...

I know Eli looks like half a retard but why does he have to act like half a retard?

chickelit said...

Trooper York said...
I know Eli looks like half a retard but why does he have to act like half a retard?

Is he underpaid?