Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Buddy Cole

I wanted to find a Kids in the Hall sketch where two of the guys walk together along what appears to be a small town and they're speaking as some kind of designers that have the magical power to eliminate whatever in the scene they don't like as they pass it.  One character points out an object in the scene and both would say affectedly,

"Ha-a-a-t-e-d  i-t!"

And the object would disappear, flowers, fences, lawn furniture, shutters, lawns, driveway, people, and so on as they go. They actually like very little.

But I cannot find it.

They did the characters a couple of times that I saw but apparently the skits never took hold as other skits have enough to have them uploaded to YouTube. Never took hold enough to be chosen among the fan favorites.

I watched this video because it promised a discussion of skits at the end. I hoped they'd discuss the "hated it" sketches. But they do not. It's a dead end.

[sidebar] Your Honor, I like the Buddy Cole character but this sketch isn't funny. Skip to 4:38 for the discussion. But if you do choose to bear with it, do you notice how similar this Buddy Cole character is to the comedic urbane Milo Yiannopoulos character?

This is the skit they are talking about.

They were right the first time. It's not funny. 

And yet the commenters on YouTube consider this to be a Kids in the Hall classic. The original cast critique is right, the whole thing is a string of clichés and like the cast I don't understand why the audience elevates this above all their other truly imaginative skits. 

But then that all together spread out over time to the end with the post mortem interview with the cast finally coming around to accepting the public's verdict as funny when they, the moderators of what is and isn't funny, deemed otherwise and with solid comedic reasoning, really is hilarious.


Methadras said...

I will crush your head for posting this. Crush crush with my fingers. Crush.

ampersand said...

Are you thinking of In Living Color perhaps?