Wednesday, April 19, 2017

"Democrats Fail to ‘Flip the Sixth’ in Georgia Special Election"

As predicted by Don Surber.

Via Instapundit:  Georgia Democrat Jon Ossoff fell short of the 50 percent threshold needed in Tuesday's special election to avoid the runoff election that will now be held two months from now.

Ossoff, as expected, was the top vote-getter by a wide margin in the special election to fill Georgia's sixth congressional district, but he pulled in shy of the 50 percent mark that would ndelve won him the seat outright.

When the results were projected by CNN and other early Wednesday morning with 95 percent of the votes counted, Ossoff was at 48.6 percent.

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edutcher said...

The runoff should be interesting.

You can bet the Lefties will pour money into it.

And then there are those missing voting machines.

Anybody seen Dr Evil lately?

AllenS said...

Repubs better get busy.

Leland said...

I would blame the Russians, but we were already told that DHS hacked Georgia under the Obama Administration, so I'm going with the margin of victory was greater than their ability to cheat. Russia is busy hacking the other Georgia.

AJ Lynch said...

I wonder why the Dems ran a East Coast type liberal beta boy pajama boy for a red district seat? Seems kinda dumb- couldn't they find a black veteran or a womyn veteran? I bet they are thinking about replacing Ossoff.

Rabel said...

I expect that he'll win the runoff. He's articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy. That's storybook, man.

If you visit his website you'll find that other than being pro-choice his positions are difficult to nail down. It's all carefully written fluff. He's running on the fact that he takes a pretty picture and can recite those fluffy positions in a pleasing voice. Does that sound familiar. It does to me although I'm not sure if it's more Obama or Rubio.

His opponent is not very strong as a campaigner and he will have an almost unlimited amount of money to push his two-dimensional image out to the voters. He'll win unless he slips up.

Rabel said...

Also look for a wedding announcement shortly before the runoff.

Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

I am going to predict Handle wins. Sunlight is the best disinfectant and I suspect Ossoff will not hold up in a one on one election.

Amartel said...

Handle will win. Ossoff is carpetbagging and fully sponsored by people who don't really like or care about the people in this district; they just want something to salve the butthurt. Ossoff's backers on tv are bragging about all that money but, as usual with libs, it's OPM and it's being used solely for political purposes to game the system. Typical. And it's insulting, too. So rich Hollywood jagoffs need a win; these peasants will do! Disgusting.