Saturday, April 22, 2017

Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck and more!



edutcher said...

Classic stuff and very hip for a lot of kids back when.

Sponge Bob and the rest can't even come close.

chickelit said...

Lem, there is a "Saturday Morning Cartoons" tag which would link this post to like ones.

Lem said...

Thanks chick I was running out this morning to catch my ride for work. I spent the minimum time on it.

rhhardin said...

I bought a looney tunes DVD collection on the recommendation of Armstrong and Getty and found it completely unfunny. I'm too old I guess.

I also don't like any DVD billed as a laff riot.

Lots of DVDs are funny but they're not laff riots.

Ghost Town
In the Loop

being the last three I remember.

I'm buying down in the dregs now though, having bought all the popular films long ago.

Chip Ahoy said...

I forgot about "1...2...3...4...Red light!" Freeze!

It looks like fun.

Chip Ahoy said...

Care to see something clever?

I just now did a crossword puzzle by Fred Piscop titled "Acid Containers."

So that gets you thinking, "What is acid kept in?" Glass. Obviously. Duh. Beakers, jars, bottles, stomachs, the Pavan's gland of Formicidae, lemons, limes, cream of tarter tins, baking powder containers, vinegar bottles, those sorts of things.

But nothing like that appears in the answers.

The thematic clues:

Where hygiene is taught
Department of Agriculture-sponsored youth group
Kitchen worker’s rag
Certain church officer

Result in these answers.


And they have nothing in common as concepts. But this is Crosswordlandia where concepts are inverted and recombined interdimensionally between disciplines. Words are symbols, and symbols are words, and so are letters just symbols that are combined for more symbols amounting to a great slathering of symbols upon symbols.

The solutions have nothing at all in common except they each contain HCL in the center for hydrogen-chloride making them all acid containers.