Wednesday, April 19, 2017


You don't expect a bundle of American flag patterned mylar balloons to rise up directly in front of your window in a Democrat run city at this point in the country's political struggle but it does happen. 

And when the balloons rise and they're gone and you say, "Well that was fun," they come back! 

Poor balloons are worn out. They don't have quite enough lift to carry themselves off, and they're no longer any fun, so they blow around the courtyard and occasionally become lifted up looking a lot like jellyfish.

The horizontal lines are window blind leveler slats. While there is a trick in gif file saving that coincides with window slats. Since gifs are saved by pixel addresses then large groups of the same color result in smaller files and are faster to process. Vertical or horizontal bars in the image eliminate roughly half the computation, so the explanation goes. This is a very small file.

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