Saturday, April 15, 2017

Malcolm Gladwell: Mediocrity is Underrated

Link to video

Is Gladwell right? That exclusivity is not necessarily the best path to explore the world. 


Rabel said...

Thank Gaia somebody is taking up for me.

Rabel said...

In more important news, April has finally dropped her load.

Rabel said...

Ewwwww. Squishy.

Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

Malcolm is right.

Chip Ahoy said...

Sus puntos seguro son puntiagudos.

See? Come on, that's funny. His points sure are pointy.

I understood lacrosse is the school sport that scoops up the students burdened with the need to show extracurricular athletic hours but lacking athletic prowess sufficient to compete on football or basketball teams without getting their heads knocked off.

Like my brother.

He had no affinity toward that stupid game. Yet played it just the same. Jacket, everything.

Thank GOD getting him to achieve so much as he did was such a total drag on them both that he wore them out and they lightened up considerably with me. But don't tell them. They insist militantly that they raised us all alike, but here is a happy contrary example. Truth is, Barry wore them out on the whole high achievement thing, they looked at me and they just weren't up for another similar challenge.

Is my understanding wrong?

Barry: Shut up, Bo, I loved playing lacrosse. I was the best of the worst.

Rabel said...

As a patriotic American who just completed his tax return I'd simply like to say, Fuck You, Uncle Sam. Right in the patootie. Right there, Buddy. Least you can do is blow up some foreigners for me. Shit.

AprilApple said...

you don't need to mention my morning evolutions, Rable... esp after a night at the cantina.

Is it good luck or is it chance joining our fates into this room?
Isn't my line traveling through time putting my voice inside of you?
Do you consent to what I've sent or an unwanted peek-a-boo?
We've made it this far
won't you stay with us, stay with us now?
Good Morning Evolution
good afternoon you smooth baboon
How's about a chest hair for the bride?
Good evening and goodnight
Ye Olde bar hopping socialites
And don't forget to tell the kids you love them
Good Morning Evolution
We've moved way past revolution
now we just copy and paste
between status updates

AprilApple said...

-- Ben Gordon show