Wednesday, April 12, 2017

CNN talker compares Assad to Cheney

via Instapundit: It came from Intercept co-founder Jeremy Scahill who was on CNN's Reliable Sources Sunday talking about Assad's use of poison gas and the media coverage of the U.S. military strike. He ripped the media, even CNN talking heads, then ended with this:
"Bashar al-Assad was a brutal thug when he was torturing prisoners on behalf of the CIA. Saddam Hussein was America's friend when he was using chemical weapons. We need to have more than just the immediate crisis memory. We need to understand the historical context of how a butcher like Assad actually has more in common with someone like Dick Cheney than he does with the average Syrian or the people that are on these airwaves as brave reporters."
Media Research Center Vice President of Research Brent Baker explains the pick: "Talk about 'fake news.' CNN did fine job of spreading it by giving a platform to a far-left journalist to spew hate speech equating an elected U.S. official with a dictator who had, days before, deployed poison gas to kill children. Liberals may like to compare Cheney to Darth Vader, but I don't remember him ever issuing an order to drop poison gas on kids."


edutcher said...

Spicer had to walk back a remark about comparing Hitler to the Pencil Neck.

Anybody who knows anything knows Dolf lost most of his company in a gas attack and had an understandable fear of chemical weapons. I wish some of these guys would let the Left intimidate them.

ampersand said...

I don't watch the local TV news but see their blurbs occasionally. They never ran much national news unless there was a major accident, however the ABC affiliate now has an anti-Trump story almost daily. Yesterday they developed a concern for presidential travel expenses, something they ignored for the prior 8 years.

chickelit said...

Amp: The media's stance was that Obama was just taking all the vacation time and money accrued by generations of slaves and black politicians denied the presidency. No other way to explain it.

Lem said...

Scott Adams had an interesting take on Spicer's Hitler analogy.

"The day President Trump's spokesperson made the opposition media argue that Hitler analogies are ridiculous."

Amartel said...

The Spicer thing is an unusually stupid fauxrage du jour. Spicer course-corrected in the moment and his meaning was clear and accurate in any event: Assad cares nothing about any of his people, is not at all choosy about where he deploys the citizen-killing gas. I don't know if that makes the chinless puppet marginally better or marginally worse than Hitler but that's just nit-picking given the basic parallels.

Adams' take seems off in this case. Obviously the media will say whatever they need to say in that moment to get their way. Nobody is forcing them.

Today at 2:24 p.m. Hitler analogies are ridiculous!
Tomorrow at 9:38 p.m. Hitler analogies will make a glorious return!
We were always at war with West Asia!
(Particularly relevant given the sudden Russia blame.)