Tuesday, April 18, 2017

The Real Pope...In Exile....still hale and hearty at 90.....the anti-pope continues to destroy the unity of the faithful

Pope Benedict at Age 90 ‘Full of Gratitude’ to God

Breitbart News by THOMAS D. WILLIAMS, PH.D.18 Apr 2017

Emeritus Pope Benedict XVI, who turned 90 years old on Easter Sunday, gave a rare birthday speech inside the Vatican expressing his thanksgiving to God for the gift of life.

“My heart is filled with gratitude for the 90 years that the good God has given me,” said Benedict, who retired as pope on Feb. 28, 2013, the first pontiff to do so in 600 years.
“There have also been trials and difficult times, but through it all He has always led me and pulled me through, so that I could continue on my path,” he said.
Prior to his election as Pope Benedict on April 19, 2005, Joseph Ratzinger enjoyed a brilliant career as university professor, bishop and author and has been acclaimed as one of the most eminent Catholic theologians of the late 20th century.
Saint John Paul II brought Ratzinger to Rome in November 1981 to serve as prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, a role he held for more than 20 years until the death of Pope John Paul in 2005.
Although a gentle, soft-spoken man in person, Ratzinger proved a faithful caretaker of Catholic doctrine, and was especially tough on so-called “Liberation Theology,” which attempted to re-read salvation history through the prism of the Marxist ideology of class struggle between social classes.

Surrounded by friends and well-wishers from his native Bavaria on his birthday, Benedict said he was full of thanks in a special way for his “beautiful homeland,” adorned with “church towers, houses with balconies filled with flowers, and good people.”
Bavaria is beautiful, Benedict reminisced, “because God is known there and people know that He has created the world and that we do well to build it up together with Him.”
“I am glad that we were able to gather together under the beautiful blue Roman sky,” he continued, “which with its white clouds also reminds us of the white and blue flag of Bavaria—it is always the same sky.”
“I wish you all God’s blessings,” he said. “Carry my greetings home, as well as my gratitude to you. How I enjoy to continue living and walking about amidst our landscapes in my heart.”
(Pope Benedict is a holy man. Picked by Saint John-Paul himself to serve the people. He was deposed in favor of an ultra liberal devotee of liberation theology. So liberal that there is serious discussion of Schism within the Church. Traditionalist like Cardinal Burke have been demonized and marginalized. 
The Church has gone through this before. Anti-popes have reigned and done their damage. The Church always adsorbs and survives. It is disheartening when you are living in the midst of one of these periods. We just have to have patience and faith in God's plan.}


ricpic said...

He had to go because he stood up to Islam.

edutcher said...

The faithful are still there.

Frank is the pope of the cafeteria Catholics.

Chip Ahoy said...

Cafeteria Catholics. That's funny.

One time I had a bible with me in the break room that used to be a guard post and I mentioned to woman in there that I didn't like Revelations so I just dismiss the whole thing except for its wild fever-dream imaginings, but certainly nothing to base any philosophy upon. I feel like ripping out the chapter. Because they print in red the things Jesus says in David Somebody's dream and how very odd for someone so close to the teacher to get the voice of the teacher so wrong. Completely reversed. It is antithetic to everything that precedes it causing the collection of books to end horribly. End horribly as religion. As philosophy. As literature.

So tear it out and the rest is improved.

Whoever decided to add that crap is (are) just as bad as its author.

I mean, I have a lot of dreams, I tell a lot of dreams, I really get into them, but THAT kind of outting symbolistic metaphorical horseshit? No! Just no. That right there is a very disturbed mind on a good day. And this is a bad night. It should not be included in anything religious except as example for the kind of maniacs Jesus was dealing with. Rip it out.

So while surfing t.v. when you see the guy standing in front of a chalkboard filled with boxes and arrows to other boxes and interconnected boxes all over the whole chalkboard as if he is an MIT professor and the whole thing is boxes of Revelation passages and based on parsing Revelations where the only thing revealed is a dark heart, a mean spirit and a deeply disturbed mind and a terrible night, then you can safely say about the guy on t.v. in front of the chalkboard, "what a f'k'n crackpot."

Anyway, the woman goes, "YOU CAN'T DO THAT!

I cannot pick and choose. The whole thing is sacred

See? This attitude holds that my own mind does not have agency. That whoever assembled the bible books are all smarter than I am. I must depend upon their reading judgement and their religious knowledge.

Shut up, they were crackpots. They read half of what I do, theirs is narrow reading, their educations pinched and their opinions narrowly formed. Plus they're younger than I am and with less life experience.

And I say, "No, my reading judgement is better than all those old dead white men who voted for Revelations to be included. My religion is better, my comprehension of Jesus' teaching is better, my philosophy is better, my spirit is better. " And beyond that my dreaming is better than shown in Revelations and so is my dream analysis and my dream symbolism is an entirely higher quality and the whole effort is 1,000 X more sexy and fun.

She goes, "No. You must accept the whole thing or none of it means anything."

How preciously limiting. I giggled a laugh and hand-signaled, "burp on you."

ricpic said...

Does the florid language of Revelations invalidate its insistence (among other insistences) that THE DEVIL IS REAL?

Methadras said...

Pope Francis is a Radical Marxist Progressive Collectivist and Jesus is pretty pissed about that because he sees what that has been doing to peoples everywhere.

edutcher said...

Chip Ahoy said...

I mentioned to woman in there that I didn't like Revelations so I just dismiss the whole thing except for its wild fever-dream imaginings, but certainly nothing to base any philosophy upon

Actually, Revelations is a series of admonitions to the first group of cafeteria Catholics (in Antioch IIRC) about how bad they're being not being true to the Gospels in their lives.

Even the 666 stuff is mistranslated. There was a game among the Romans back then based on the idea every letter in the Roman alphabet had a numerical value and, if you applied it to a person's name and added up the letters, the number you got was the object of the game, so that, if you wrote on a wall, "CCLXXXI amo", everyone tried to figure out who 281 was.

In this case, the number should be 616, which would be Caligula.