Friday, April 14, 2017





Lem said...

I see your Dead Kennedys and I raise you Country Joe...

chickelit said...

@Lem: I'm so glad you didn't link a Joe Cocker video. Just tonight, my wife asked me "do you want to watch a a Joe Cocker biopic?"
"Why not?" I replied. "My opinion of him has nowhere to go but up."

Watched it...

...I saw both Country Joe and Joe Cocker live on their "Woodstock 10 Years After" tour in Europe in '79. They both sucked. They are entwined in my mind. The biopic completely ignored the 10 after tour. I don't care if Joe Cocker is a Ray Charles doppelgaenger.


Chip Ahoy said...

I listened to the video like this: skip skip skippy-skip skip skip and it hurt my ears muchly. Until finally, right at the end, my ears go, KNOCK IT OFF ALREADY !!!!!111

It's like that part of a dream that turns and becomes uncomfortable where you're unprepared for the new challenge.

I'm in high school.

The teacher asks me directly in front of the others, "what makes this video worthwhile? Why is this video historically significant? Why is it worth saving? Why repeated viewings? What makes it worth remembering?"

And I'm all, oh shit.

I start tacking together some bullshit. The video sounded harsh and chaotic. Every single bit between the skips was just terrible.

"The stacked street sounds of the video capture the emotional stress of the period. The overlapped noises convey unmanageable confusion so that the personality cannot integrate smoothly, cannot mesh, cannot find a meter or melody or proper tempo, so the psych either withdraws or pressurizes to explosion."


There is a long and uncomfortable pause. The class becomes rustling and restless.

"F for you."

I was expecting something like that.

"The video is nothing about what you said. Watch it again, all the way through with no skipping. Think again about what you're hearing and submit a new report."

The saving grace of the moment was that none of the other kids understood my take of the video nor the instructor's. They're all, wtf?

In that dream that this is like.

Rabel said...

Sounds like a plan.

But I'd like to take this opportunity to praise Trooper. He hasn't yet pulled out the "chickenhawk" hammer to beat down the warmongers among us and for this he deserves credit.

Trooper York said...

I would not use the chickenhawk hammer Rabel. People who didn't serve have the right to speak about national security issues.

I did not serve. But I respect and revere those that did. I am concerned for the welfare of those that are serving right now. That is why I don't want to squander their lives in foreign adventures to benefit Muslim rapists or miscellaneous gooks.

Donald Trump ran as the guy who would stop that. Who would not get involved all over the world. Who would pull back from entangling alliances like NATO that can Franz Ferdinand us into a holocaust. Where is that guy? He is the guy I supported so vehemently. He is the guy I voted for. Not the guy who is getting "strange new respect" from the media and the minions of the Deep State.