Friday, February 24, 2017

WKRLEM: The Press is upset....because the cool kids didn't invite them to the party

So the White House had a press gaggle in the Press Secretary's office that omitted some of the big time fake news sites. CNN. The New York Times. Politico. Instead they had people like Breitbart and a couple of other conservative sites. It was not the regular briefing. The pool was there. The only people who had a right to be there. The rest are there in a confined space by invitation only. These mooks are spinning it as the end of the First Amendment. A couple of things are going on here.

First the White House is controlling the Narrative. The Presidents speech at CPAC bashing the press and this little matter will dominate the Sunday Shows. It will be all that navel gazing gas bags will be able to talk about. So the Clark matter and the recent story that Preibus asked the FBI to tell the truth will get short shrift. All of the immigration enforcement will fly under the radar. Even the professional protests at Republican Town Halls will not get much attention. It will be all about the hurt feelings of Press Prima Donna's who think that they run things. Not the guy who got elected President. Sucked all the air out of the room. You can fool these smucks every time.

Second it is part of the move to expand the press pool. It will no longer be limited to the fake news sites that are deadly enemies to the President. They wanted to move the press briefing to the Executive Office Building and out of the White House. Unfortunately they backed down on that. Now they can use this as both an excuse and a justification for moving the press. "Look we just don't have the room. You are not the only outlets who are entitled to ask a question. When the President has a press conference he calls on everyone unlike Obama. So we are moving to a better venue  and you won't be excluded because of space." I hope they stick to that. Exile them from the White House proper. Put the swimming pool where JKF got blowjobs back.

It is just a pretty smart move. He has the press talking about bullshit while the substance goes on under the radar. They fall for it every time.


edutcher said...

Excellent analysis, Mr Spock.

Expanding the press to include outlets that report the truth is a necessary part of retaking this country.

And it does show them who is Boss.

This may even get them to stop crowing about Milo.

Not that that story is over, either. Remember what Uncle Saul said about making the other side live up to its own creed.

bagoh20 said...

Do they really need to be there to makeup shit about what happened?