Saturday, February 11, 2017

I just canceled Nextlix and heres why!

It never ends. I have already canceled my cable subscription because I refuse to support the fake news and the evil that is broadcast television. I no longer follow sports except for baseball which I prefer on the radio so I am not missing anything. I went to streaming video. Unfortunately I have lost one of the prime outlets because of the hate that Netflix's has for White People.

Much like many formerly normal institutions like the Democratic Party, the NFL and the NBA this streaming service has totally surrendered to Social Justice Warriors and has nothing but animus for white people. The current candidates for head of the National Democratic Party run from a follower of the Black Muslims to a woman who says her main duty is to tell white people to shut up. Much like this new Netflix's show. Read some of the tweets in this story from Townhall. Why would you spend money to support someone who thinks this is acceptable?

Identity politics comes at a price. Obviously they think this is cool and ironic and there will be no push back. How is that working out for Kellog's these days? The left sets up boycotts against Ivanka and think they are going to skate when they pull this crap. Republicans buy sneakers too.

I don't think my $7 a month is going to break them.  But if enough of us cancel them and cancel cable and stop going to the games maybe they will start to get the message. I contacted Netflix on their website and they said they would pass my concerns on to corporate. Right. Good luck with that.

Hulu is much better anyway. As is Amazon. Plus Youtube has all of my favorite Westerns. It is not a binary world anymore. Don't take their crap.


Sixty Grit said...

That agit-prop is on Amazon Prime, too.

AprilApple said...

Even tho Bezos might be a d-bag, Amazon all the way.

AprilApple said...

You can piggy back Acorn TV for another 5 bucks a month.

I no longer watch hollywood productions at the movie theaters. (Meryl Streep - OFF MY LIST) I figure 5 bucks a month for entertainment that suits my tastes is a much better investment. Besides, the movie going experience is dismal and over-priced.
I want to hurt leftwing hollywood in the pocketbook in any way I can.

Trooper York said...

Hulu is far superior. It has lots of great English stuff and a lot of classic TV.

edutcher said...

Is Baldwin still Hulu's spokesidiot?

I don't think my $7 a month is going to break them.

It's like in the old westerns when Cheyenne (or Sugarfoot or whomever) fires his Winchester a couple of times and you see a little crack in the snow, and then some of the powder breaks loose, etc.

It all adds up. Apparently, enough people bailed on YouTube when they said nothing about the Confederacy would be allowed that they had to put up all the recordings of "Dixie", "Bonnie Blue Flag", etc. that they'd scratched.

AprilApple said...

Hulu. Might already have it.

rhhardin said...

I just buy the DVDs, in a huge survey to see films I didn't see when they came out.

I do notice that the action film guys taking down the white house are often white supremacists. I think one had arabs, though, probably pre-9/11.

Streaming doesn't work for me. Everything brings my computer to its knees. 2005 laptop. DVDs let you easily go back and watch the thing again after you've forgotten how it went.

Third Coast said...

Stupid question probably, but if you don't have a cable connection, how do you stream your movies? People we know with AT&T for example, say they would exceed their data limits in short order if they were using Netflix or Amazon Prime.

Trooper York said...

I have a verizon internet connection with a Samsung smart TV. The Smart TV gives you lots of apps and bypasses cable. The Cable company in Brooklyn is Time Warner. I canceled them.

You have to give your money to some big corporation but you have to try to limit it as much as you can. I realize Bozo owns Amazon so I limit my usage to free stuff or an occasional pay per view movie. But usually not more than one a month.

Hulu is by far the superior package. Right now I am binging on Mary Tyler Moore, The Rifleman, Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea and a cool British show called "New Tricks."

Third Coast said...

Just getting into this stuff with my new Google Chromecast. So far I'm really into the Brit detective genre. Foyle's War was great and really enjoying Inspector Lewis.
We did cancel Netflix after finishing Foyle's War.
And yeah, Bozo is a dick, but the value of Amazon Prime outweighs his negatives for now.

Trooper York said...

I think you will enjoy Hulu if you get it. There are some pretty good English and Australian

AprilApple said...

2005 laptop.

Do yourself a favor and step into the 21st century.

AprilApple said...

Did you watch "A place to call home" yet Troop? Set in Australia.

It's good. it gets increasingly saucy as it goes - which you'd like. T Of course the leftwing politics rears it's head in the 4th season, but we are so used to it, *whatever* . Still better than American TV.

Leland said...

I'm amazed at how many people I've met that use Kodi. No joke, I don't use it, but I know a number of people who do; and it reminds me of the days of Napster. It's going to get ugly for the moving pictures industry, and they are not exactly endearing themselves to the President or Congress, which will be the only chance to help them over the next 4 years.

ampersand said...

Is Strauss's "Blue Danube Waltz" something you can twerk your ass to? Where is the public committee on cultural appropriation on this?

rhhardin said...

The laptop was on sale in 2005 because Dell was done with the model.

Eric the Fruit Bat said...

I think it was a minor fad slogan, a while ago, bumperstickers and all that, something along the lines of "If you're not angry then you're not paying attention."

A leftist thing, was my presumption.

William said...

I can tolerate a certain amount of political correctness so long as they don't hit you over the head with it. The jokes in Parks and Recreation are funny enough, and the pc crap is muted enough that I can keep watching. Big Bang Theory is also very funny and not too political. Surprisingly, Veep with Julia Louis Dreyfus shows very little hostility to Republicans or conservatives. SNL is watchable only by people under twenty five who loathe Republicans.......I think Westworld might have been politically correct but the plot was so damned convoluted and twisty I could never figure out what the deeper meaning was. Dark skinned robots are more aspirational than robots in Confederate uniforms?......I'm sure everyone involved with Game of Thrones was hoping Hillary would win, but Cersei gave off a Hillary vibe, and there was no character who resembled Donald Trump. I think Trump might have come off the winner here.

William said...

In the old days, you had to put up with commercials. Now you have to endure a certain amount of political correctness. Stiill, you don't have to adjust the rabbit ears or worry about vertical hold, so, net-net, the changes are for the better.

Trooper York said...

If you have Hulu April there are several great shows I would recommend highly.

New Tricks is a cop show but with a lot of humor. It is about of retired detectives who solve cold cases. It is a lot of fun.

Stella is a comedy set in Wales that is hilarious and well worth your time. One of the best shows I have seen in a long time. It has a middle aged female protagonist but is still interesting.

I don't know if you have seen Doc Martin on PBS but it is also a great show. Set in Cornwall it is a superior offering as a comedy. Really, really good.

I have just finished "Larkrise to Candleford" which is also one of the best shows I have ever seen. Set in a couple of English villages it is simply wonderful.

I am also watching an Australian show called "Reef Doctors" about a medical practice on the Great Barrier Reef. It is sort of like Hawaii Five O without the murder and gore. Just great scenery and stupid plots. I don't follow the plot much I just marvel at the pictures.

There is a lot of good stuff out there that is not Hollywood dreck.

Synova said...

They're doing some pretty good Marvel series. I suppose we could cancel for six months and then sign up again.

What gets me most is... who does anyone think is going to watch this show? On You Tube the only reason people watch this sort of moral lecture is to make fun of it.

Trooper York said...

The problem with Marvel is that they have also gone full Social Justice Warrior. The director of the Avengers movies is tweeting and posturing about how he wants Trump to be assassinate. The comics themselves have had a terrible slump in sales as they have been basically liberal propaganda. So much so that they just announced that they were going to stop and go back to the traditional heroes in the traditional story lines.

This is what Hollywood and Netflixs and ESPN the media don't understand. You know who buys the tickets to sporting events and drinks the beer and supports their businesses? Not the hipsters with there craft beer and their gluten free fish tacos. Not the BLM thugs who are toking up on weed and Colt 45. It is the redneck and the neighborhood mook who drinks Bud. So why do they want to insult and shame us as though they are talking to morons. What kind of business model is that? They are out of their everliving minds.

Trooper York said...

I remember reading Marvel comics in the 1960's. Stan Lee was the next thing to a commie you could get. I remember when Captain America moved to the Ghetto to work with the Falcon. But at least you had good rock an sock em adventure. Now it is just full SJW bullshit all the way down.

Marvel makes a lot of money with their movies. But nobody is so big that they can't be laid low by pissing on their audience. Many famous brands have fallen by the wayside by dissing their core audience. Football is doing this. ESPN is doing this. Hollywood is doing this. The effect is just beginning to be seen.

Trooper York said...

Something Synova and I are both familiar with is the effect this is having on publishing. Especially science fiction publishing. The stranglehold of the few big houses like TOR is over. Now people self publish. Conservative even reactionary publishers like Castalia House have sprung up and are enthusiastically supported and publish authors who are not afraid to stand up to the prevailing codes promulgated by the SJW's in Sci Fi. Self publishing at minimal cost on Kindle has freed up everything.

I liken the Internet to the establishment of the printing press. No longer is knowledge the province of jealous religious monks. It is free for the people to decide. To watch what they want. To choose.

In such an environment it really doesn't make sense to alienate so much of your potential customer base.