Sunday, February 19, 2017

Cold Winter's day, Groenendael style

I only put this here because I like it. 

The one thing of political concern that had my interest was the reaction to Trump's presser. I had the video running while doing something else. It did not have my full undivided attention, but sometimes it did and I heard nothing objectionable. He sounded like the Trump that I came to know by his campaign, and pretty much only by his campaign. He presented a very familiar voice, a character. 

The next day the writers at The Gateway Pundit were ecstatic while the writers at The Blaze were unimpressed and embarrassed. Other right wing sites that I check out were well pleased while other sites like Politico and throughout the comments heard an entirely different speech. They charactered the speech as incoherent and rambling and picayune narcissistic and demented without specifying which points Trump made that gain it that characterization. I saw this repeatedly. I kept looking for something specific but nothing. They sounded like people had listened to Trump for the very first time, because the speech sounded rather vintage to me. Lots of things for liberals to object, but not by the characterization given. And I didn't care. I realized we'll just have to talk right past each other because we're speaking from two separate realities. 

Aren't the dogs fun? This is why wherever you park by the side of the road, the dog thinks that's the destination. When my dogs looked a little bit car sick, mouth foam and nervousness, then I know it's time to look for a place to pull over. It could be anything, anywhere, a park, garbage bins, anything, and the dog thinks this is the whole point. I like that they get a stick from their environment and that's their toy.


Sixty Grit said...

What wonderful, happy dogs!

My day with my dogs was just like that today, other than the fact that it was 72 degrees and we all overheated.

Trooper York said...

Yeah Chip is back!!!!

Methadras said...

I love watching dogs have fun. Reminds me of when mine did too.

rcocean said...

Yeah that's what gets me. Especially about the #nevertrumpers. Always hysterical, always trump is this, trump is that and of course TRUMP IS NO CONSERVATIVE.

So, why is that, Mr. Nevertrumper, Mr. "I'm a conservative so I don't like Trump"?

You never specifics. You never get issues. Then you hear these characters defending the Liberal MSM against Trump. They LOVE the NYT and Wapo. And you think, how the hell can these characters like Bill Kristol or the national review girlie men call themselves conservative?

MamaM said...

Seeing them jump up to procure their own stick, fresh from the tree made me laugh, in addition to the enjoyment I experienced watching their unleashed exhuberance.

A fresh burst of goodness, fullness and life revealed, in the midst of the ongoing turmoil humans create.