Thursday, February 23, 2017

Sean Hannity commits truth....but he is still a dick

Sean Hannity is not my cup of tea. He has his head in the right place and is correct in most of what he says but he just so smug and condescending that he sets my teeth on edge. He is getting grief today about a tweet he made that committed truth.Hannity

He is getting a lot of push back from the lame stream media and the conservative cucks like Red State. They are pulling out the big guns because he termed the grumpy old man a war criminal. Now he was never an adjudicated criminal but he sure rallied behind every war that we have had in the last thirty years. He pushed these wars. He excused these wars. He wants to start new wars. With Russia no less. Hannity can get smacked around. He is a big boy. But McCain has passed his sell by date. Trump needs to smash. He will regret it if he doesn't do something soon.


edutcher said...

McCain has become the white Jesse Jackson at the very least. And that's being kind.

His participation with his BFF in the Senate, Lurch, in killing any real search for American POWs as a way of making money off doing business with North Vietnam has been suppressed by the media.

It's not Trump's job to bring him down as much as it is ours. The Right can make it very hot for him to the point the people of AZ recall him. That's the best way to get him.

PS If Hannity commits truth, nothing else matters.

Methadras said...

McCain is another one of those people that has become more odious and odorous with time. He's basically lost his war cred with me and has just turning into a swamp swimming political hack with his hand out. I don't like Sean Hannity because his voice makes me want to punch him in the face. I don't call him Sean Spammity for nothing.

rhhardin said...

McCain has a strong sense of personal honor that attaches to completely random things.

In addition he's a crook.

Keating Five, I think, started the ball rolling. Why not the Russians.

ricpic said...

Hannity condescending? Wow, I read Hannity just the opposite. He's never forgotten his blue collar roots. I would go further and say he's still blue collar despite the enormous wealth he's accrued over the years. I used to prefer Limbaugh for nuance, but since Limbaugh's reluctance to get on the Trump train in the run-up to the election I've soured on him and find Hannity refreshingly straightforward. There's nothing subtle about the battle that's going on for America's future and at least Hannity comes down foursquare on the right side.

Darcy said...

McCain is a dick. I can't believe I voted for him. Disgusting man. Troop is right and Trump needs to find a way to neutralize him for good.