Friday, February 17, 2017

More News that the Mainstream Media has no time for.....hat tip to the great Don Surber

A Chemical factory in Watertown upstate New York has been on strike. It was an old GE plant that was taken over by a hedge fund run by Steve Schwarzman who was named as his new jobs czar. The workers were on strike for various benefits and give backs. President Trump stepped in or at least told his guys to figure it out. They negotiated. They made a deal. The union signed a contract. They went back to work.

"Many of the strikers said they voted for President Trump off his campaign promise to make America great again. Some called on him to intervene.
“Trump promised to help America, to get us good jobs. Well here we are, fighting for our good jobs,” striker Carmine Cervini, 61, told The News last week.
Workers’ hopes of the President intervening faded when it was revealed that the man Trump tapped as his jobs czar, private equity billionaire Stephen Schwarzman, had until recently been a part owner of the Momentive plant. "

Instead they made a deal. As Mr. Surber said President Trump passed the test. He put American jobs first. His people helped make a deal that worked for both management and labor. Just like he did with the Coal miners yesterday. Something else people like Chuck Todd and Jake-Off Tapper ignored. American jobs for American workers. American manufacturing in displaced areas like upstate New York and Kentucky and West Virgina. Trumpland. Not NYC or LA. Places that the media have never been and want to disappear. Places that the Conservative Establishment Media like NRO want to die out and go away. Places that Megyn Kelly and Steven Colbert and JLo and Meryl Streep spit at and laugh at.

You will not see this reported on CNN. Instead they will make videos mocking President Trump and saying he is ranting and raving. Which is fine. Because he is winning. You have heard of  the "Death of a Thousand Cuts?" This is the birth of a win by a thousand sucesses. One factory. One job at a time.


edutcher said...

Trump is exceeding our expectations.

Yes, even mine.

edutcher said...

PS Looks like 9th Circus put a hold on the nonsense surrounding that activity someone described as illegal.

AllenS said...

Too bad this isn't reported in the MSM. I guess I shouldn't be surprised. Trump could come up with another BIGLY WIN by telling the American people what happened.

Dust Bunny Queen said...

If the courts strike down his immigration executive orders, Trump should just ...rinse and repeat. Keep crafting new orders. Over and over until the court system is flooded and overwhelmed with people protesting the orders. don't like order 37? How about 38, 39, 40.....88. Keep 'em busy while you are getting things actually done.

edutcher said...

oopsy, that's what he was saying in the press conference. seems like the newsies can't focus on more than one or two things.

And, if you read some of the commentary, the 9th Circus seems to understand Robart painted them into a corner and would love to get out.

What will keep this going are all the companies in search of cheap labor and all the states in search of more Democrats.

PS Looks like that long overdue Dr Evil investigation is ramping up.