Monday, February 20, 2017

"Man marks his ex-girlfriend's apology letter and sends it back to her"

Via Reddit:  An American student who graded his ex-girlfriend's breakup letter says he has no regrets over it going viral.

Nick Lutz decided to get a red marker out and critique the four-page note before sending it back to his former lover.

He told Newsbeat: "We started dating in February of last year and dated for about eight months.

"Four months in she started hiding her phone and I heard she had code names for guys in her contacts list."

Nick who studies at the University of Central Florida, says he received the apology, shortly after calling time on the relationship.

He starts off by saying the introduction is too long and that there's lots of repetition.

The 20-year-old says his ex needs to show reasoning when saying she ended up failing to keep the relationship working.

He also says she needs to back her claims up with proof, like saying she never cheated on him.

"It came to an end after she told me she was going to a theme park with her best-friend who's a girl but I later found out she went with a dude."

"I haven't spoken to her since this happened but I am not planning on talking to her anytime soon," he added.

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edutcher said...

The price of being a grammar Nazi.

Dust Bunny Queen said...

OMG this is really funny and justice has been served. I browse Reddit all the time and missed this one.

Thanks Lem.

ampersand said...

Who would've thought generation veal still writes letters, especially a four page one.