Sunday, February 12, 2017

China Still Wants Its Wattle Back

Japan Condemns N Korea Missile Launch — Trump: U.S. Stands Behind Japan 100 Percent

What's up with damn Chinese and their tolerance & support of the North Korean regime? Oh, I know that they backed them politically, financially, and in every possible way including dying for them. And we fought on the other side, including my own father and uncles.

It is just shameful that China won't defang this retrograde nation. China could so lead by example by allowing the peaceful deposing of the toxic clan running that place. I'm beginning to think that they won't out of stubborn Chinese pride: They want their wattle back:
'The Chinese people do not want to have war, so we will be opposed to [the] U.S. if it stirs up any conflict,' said Liu Zhenmin, vice minister of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 'Of course, if the Korean War or Vietnam War are replayed, then we will have to defend ourselves.'
What a brash admission of the proxy nature of the Korean and Vietnam conflicts: We were obviously fighting Red China in both wars-- fighting over China's ancient wattle and feet:

I believe there remains a lot of American ambivalence regarding those 20th century conflicts. And yet, are we willing to knuckle under to Chinese hegemony in all things trade, science, and eventually -- culture?


edutcher said...

The Red Chinese have been talking war for 20 years.

This is just upping the ante a tad, although, given how trump hates them, they might be pushing their luck.

Sixty Grit said...

You will only hear hegemony crickets.

chickelit said...

The mere existence of North Korea's regime is getting harder to defend. I don't believe that even anti-Trumpers countenance them. It's only China hardliners and people with a vested interest in political chaos (Soros) or Chinese economic dominance (Jim Rogers) who clap for the NORKs.

Lem said...

Thanks for posting Chick. I can't post anything until I get to my sisters and today is raining ice here. It's going to be a while before I can get there.

Leland said...

Safe travels Lem.

chickelit said...

You will only hear hegemony crickets.

I thought "hegemony" was Latin for "hedge fund"?