Friday, February 10, 2017

"weight loss guru Steve Miller thinks body acceptance campaigns are ‘poisonous’"

Via Drudge: Steve Miller, of Sky 1 TV show Fat Families, used to be overweight himself – and, after losing four stone to get down to a healthy 11st, now works as a motivational weight loss speaker.

Steve thinks that fat acceptance in Britain has gone way too far, and even wants NHS staff to wear badges admitting they are overweight.

Speaking to Sun Online, Steve said: “When a patient is struggling with their health, and they need to lose weight, often they will go and see a GP or a dietitian.

“Don’t get me wrong, a lot of these guys do a great job, and they are role models, but if the dietitian’s fatter than the patient, how on Earth is that going to motivate them?

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edutcher said...

Some people call him a spaced cowboy....

Another of the Fat Police. Thin isn't that great (Mrs Simpson said you could never be too thin, and she was a closet Nazi).

Amartel said...

It's called "morbidly" obese for a reason. That being said, while I don't think shaming fat people is an effective approach* but a "body acceptance campaign" is downright stupid. If it's a "campaign" then money is being spent to dispense an unhealthy and unhelpful message. Also, a fat dietician is clearly not following his or her own advice which probably gives the patient the impression that the advice can be ignored. Fat dietician is ineffective.

* Former smoker; I stopped for my own reasons - and it was easier to do so thanks to e-cigs - not because "society" shamed me into it. The more they shamed, the more I resisted, in fact.

Sixty Grit said...

I lost one stone once. Painful as hell. Cost me a few pounds at the ER, too.

Amartel said...

Stones that depart via your kidneys will do that.