Tuesday, February 14, 2017

The Deep State claims it's first victim.

President Donald Trump made a mistake by accepting the resignation of General Michael Flynn today who was a victim in the continuing war of the  Deep State against the Red State. The war mongers who insist on ginning up a war with Russia have a scalp today. The unremitting hostility of the Deep State of the intelligence community as manifested by the utlra-liberal pro Muslim Obama appointee's has claimed it's first victim in General Flynn.

General Flynn is a patriot who knows that the enemy of America is the Muslim terror apparatus and not the Russians. He was brought down by leaks  from Obama appointee and liberal darling Acting Attorney General Yates who leaked classified wiretaps on General Flynn's phone call to a Russian counterpart during the transition. This has been out there for a while but was confirmed by two other traitorous Obama appointees James Clapper and former CIA director and Muslim convert Brennan. So the mainstream media was able to go forward with the story and help force out General Flynn. He of course did not help himself by lying to Vice President Pence when he said he did not discuss the sanctions with the Russians. That was indeed a bad mistake and gave Pence and his allies a knife to shiv him with to get their guy in there. I guess that the General was so used to lying in the spy game he thought he would get away with it again.

The CIA under the now totally co-opted Pompous ex Congress Critter will lobby to put a toady in there. The senile old plane crasher and the pillow biter are also estatic as they won't have to deal with someone who doesn't want to go to war with Russia. The rampaging leftists who conveniently became anti-Russian because  they want to blame Russia for Hillary losing the election can also spike the ball today. They are all rejoicing today and they will be taking a victory lap for the next month.

I am quite disappointed but not surprised by President Trumps actions. He is quick to jettison people who drag him down even if they are loyal to him. I wish that General Flynn had been honest from the beginning of this whole matter. He should of said "Of course I discussed the sanctions with my Russian counterpart and indicated that the views of the lame duck loser Obama administration are not that of Donald Trump and it was quite likely that things would change when we got into office. So don't overreact to the last gasp of a failed regime." That is not a violation of the Logan act by any stretch. It is not a negotiation. It is simply a statement of fact. One he should have made forthrightly on every news program. Let the American People decide who was right and who was wrong.

In the meantime  I would start to declassify most of what the Obama administration did in the Middle East. I would release every iota of the Iranian deal. I would release the private phone calls of Clapper and Brennan and find the many instances where they lied to protect the Muslim Brotherhood and the radical Islam from the scrutney of the American Public. Bring it all out into the light of day. Fumigate the Deep State and turn it upside down. They have declared war on the Administration by their leaks and their promotion of a pack of lies about Russia to discredit President Trump. He needs to clean house and kick ass and name names. Or he will be captive to the permant government of the duopoly as Bush and Obama were before him.

The choice is his. I hope he has the balls to do it. We shall see.


edutcher said...

One good thing to note is no denials (remember Willie?) and no lingering (Heckuva job).

Flynn tendered his resignation so he would not be the main attraction, much like Dr Crowley did. Granted, this is why good people don't go into government work.

Also, it shows why all the old Demo hangers-on have to be purged, as they are completely untrustworthy (of course, they're Demos, so calling them untrustworthy is redundant...)

Trooper York said...

They need to be purged now. Leave their offices unoccupied if necessary. The President would have been much better off if he had fired Yates as soon as he came into office. The Obama operatives in the government are an insidious threat to the Administration.

ricpic said...

"They need to be purged now."

I'm in shock that a general purge wasn't Trump's first directive to every department head. Trump can't be blamed for the shenanigans at Justice since the Dems help up Sessions' appointment so long. But State should have been purged by now. Don't know whether Pompeo is head of CIA yet. If so cleaning out should have begun there.

How Trump handles his relationship to Ryan and McConnell is trickier. Don't like Priebus but maybe Trump figures he's the best bet for working with the GOPe.

edutcher said...

State's a very different critter. They are very autonomous; witness how Reagan set up Shultz as his own State Dept.

The Toothless Revolutionary said...

The only way to keep fighting this unpopular and consuming and dangerous a war is to outlaw voting, you know.

You knew that, already though. Didn't you?

This is an administration that doesn't know how to cut its losses. Is that really the best way to take on more than half the U.S. voting public?

Is there any interest in accountability over having a public meeting in Maralago's dining halls with the Japanese PM discussing confidential responses to Nork's Nukes, with a fellow diner snapping Facebook photos of the guy holding the nuclear codes, and unsecured cell phones on every staffers shoulder?

They just gave away all their operational weaknesses and advertised their lack of readiness to the enemy.

The Norks noticed, too. They probably pulled this stunt at exactly this time just to test the professionalism of the administration. And I can't say they got a better grade than failing in every way.

Serious question here: Are Trumpists hoping for a national security crisis? You know, to test America's unity and/or support for them? Or for even more nefarious reasons?

Are the more mundane if vital aspects of government just, uh, too "boring" for them?

There really are safer and better ways to bring drama into your fellow Americans' lives, you know.

Amartel said...

The information on Flynn (and who knows who else) was collected in December by the Obama Administration, using the deep state to spy on America citizens (all while decrying the unprecedented and cruel "breach of privacy" that was the release of Hillary's state emails). They had this info and would have had it leaked regardless of who was purged from top spots on Day One of the Trump Administration. We can only hope that Trump's people are using the opportunity to conduct some sort of unprecedented and cruel investigation of the leakers. Flynn made the mistake of not being straight up with Trump and Pence so he was let go.