Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Rainy Night Autonomous Drive

How does it distinguished all other red lights from the red light it must obey? 
Amazing technology. Via Mashable: Link


Rabel said...

When I was in college back before the dawn of time I took a lab course in psychology. We got to play with white rats and a maze. After a rep or two our rat was able to blow through the maze without a pause or wrong turn, straight to the reward at the end. While my partner and I were blathering about how amazing it was that the rat learned the maze so quickly, the unfriendly and unattractive grad student who was teaching the course came up behind us and said, "Maybe it's following a scent trail." We felt a little stupid.

Watch the monitor in the car and you'll see that the car is following a "scent trail." Somehow the car is able to overlay its planned path onto a live overhead view of the environment that seems to me to be well beyond what I would think are the ranges of the sensors on the car.

Impressive at any rate, but I suspect that there was more planning and preparation and possibly a dry run or three that went into making the video. All that would be OK if the makers were upfront about it. But the video leads one to believe that the driver simply jumped in the car and told it to go to a particular location and the car handled it on its own. Maybe. But I think I'm being played.

bagoh20 said...

How long before the first sex tape in a self-driving car? Probably already recorded.

Rabel said...

Followed shortly by a sex tape with a self-driving car.