Tuesday, February 28, 2017

What turns your rage meter up to 99.9?

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People getting on trains before everyone has got off.

People without any awareness of where they are fucking standing. Particularly at the grocery store where there are aisles and only a certain amount of space for others to get through.

People who stop at the end of an escalator to think about what direction they are going, I am going to walk into you, I'm sorry but I'm not sorry since I don't have a choice.

People texting and driving... they're always going a good 10+ mph slower than rest of traffic or swerving or missing a green light but the second you honk at them, you're the bad guy.

When I do a web search for something that can be answered in a single sentence, and all the results are 10 minute videos.

When a supervisor harshly reprimands and humiliates an employee in front of coworkers.


edutcher said...

The one about the aisles is always good, as is the videos, and the last is really lousy leadership.

Mine is people at a fast food place where a) they treat the decision like Eisenhower giving the go-ahead for Overlord and/or b) ordering everything in the place, especially when somebody else is paying.

Trooper York said...

Empty ice cube trays.

Methadras said...

The parking lot zombies at Costco are a rage inducing event for me. It's as if people are totally normal while driving and walking outside of the confines of Costco, but the instant they get into the immediate area of Costco, it's like there is a Zombie field that turns them into FUCKING RETARDS!!! All of sudden, they've lost the ability to park. Everyone is making a mad dash to get in the parking spaces in the front. People walking in the middle of the parking lot aisle as cars are trying to go by totally oblivious to their surroundings. Like fucking helmet wearing, drooling retards seeing the outside for the first time in their lives.

Oh, and it's amplified a thousand fold once you get into a Costco. Holy shitting Jesus on a crutch do people go full metal window lickers once they get past the doors inside a Costco. They go right past potato to window licking. Making mad dashes for the free food samples as if they've never seen food in their lives. Leaving carts right in the MIDDLE OF THE FUCKING AISLE!!! TOUCHING EVERYTHING!!! People opening shit up to taste test and then PUTTING IT BACK!!! WTF!!! Standing around totally agog at the myriads of choices that leaves them utterly paralyzed. The fucking soccer moms with their brood running around like little demons while she's instagraming and taking selfies. FUCKING BITCH!!!

I'll tell you right now, the first place I'm going to during the Zombie Apocalypse is going to be a Costco to exact my revenge in that target rich environment.

Methadras said...

If I see anyone harming children or animals will send me from 0 to 1000 in a planck second. I. DO. NOT. TOLERATE. THAT.

Lem said...

When I start tagging again I got to remember to create one called "post that may send Meth from zero to a 1000 in a Planck second"

rcommal said...

OMG. All of those things annoy me, but only one, um, "enrages" me.

rcommal said...

^ My comment is referring to the post, to be clear

rcommal said...

I put the quotation marks around "enrages" precisely because about that there isn't a 99.9%. That sort of temperature is way, way, way too much over the top. I'm not that heated, and nor will I ever support others who insist on being so. I'm not interested in the gaseous, nor am I interested in the countering common-sense sorts who, in fact, can't be be bothered with facts or common sense.

rcommal said...

Empty ice cube trays.

Oh, sweet Lord, yes to this profound annoyance (although, I still wouldn't count that among the sorts of thing I find *enraging." I have, however, found it both annoying and aggravating for at least 48 years.)

rcommal said...

When I was a very young kid, starting around about 51 years ago, one of my earliest chores was to always make sure that there was ice available. Fill 'em, snap 'em, put the cubes in endlessly reusable bags, and then refill the ice-cube trays. Monitor. Repeat. The job, full stop, was: Make sure that ice cubes are on hand.

That training was so useful, later, and I kid you not.

rcommal said...
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rcommal said...

Worry not, I did that a-plenty, too, from a young age, not to mention helping my mother put clothes through an old-fashioned wringer before hanging them up to dry and, in terms of my father, a somewhat ahead-of-his-time micro-brewer when I was in elementary school, skimming the scum from the top of the very large crock in the corner of the kitchen, morning and night as a regular chore, in which he was making his own beer.

The old days. Helluva thang, dontcha think? Plus useful.

; )


None of those chores **enraged me** by the way, at the time.

rcommal said...

Chip Ahoy has left a new comment on the post "What turns your rage meter up to 99.9?":

I cube job, that's adorable. 10 X better than taking out the trash.

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