Monday, February 13, 2017

"Mel Brooks: Trump not reached reached Hitlerian proportions… yet"

The Producers creator Mel Brooks has said he does not think Donald Trump is worthy of his own musical because he does not think he is dangerous.

He said: “He just simply hasn’t reached Hitlerian proportions yet, he might get there.

“I’m not afraid of him, I don’t think he’s dangerous. I think he’s mostly an entertainer, a guy who wants audiences to love him.

“What I’m afraid of is all the guys around him, all the people who whisper in his ears, like the people who whispered in George W Bush’s ears and we got the Iraq War.

“I just hope Trump stays the egomaniac he is, listens to no-one and then we will all be safe. But if he believes these guys we are all in trouble.”

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Synova said...

I understand not liking Trump or even not trusting Trump but the histrionics (and yeah, I mean that in the sense of over-the-top *acting*) are ridiculous.

ricpic said...

The shallowness of show biz geniuses never ceases to amaze.

edutcher said...

This is Coll Rynuh's best bud, keep in mind. These guys have been looking for a leader since Gene McCarthy and thought they had it in Little Zero (too bad for them he was only interested in golf and vacas).

Eric the Fruit Bat said...

I listened to some lecture series where the guy claimed that Hitler was indecisive and the running joke among his staff was that they should save for last the option that they wanted him to choose. I have no way of knowing whether that's true.

Maybe it was one of those things where Hitler was more of a big picture kind of guy who was perfectly willing to leave to others the minutia of how to implement his inspired vision of pure, monstrous evil.

Trump, on the other hand, seems to do his own tweeting, so there's that.

Synova said...

What's quoted here from Brooks actually sounds exceptionally sane. Particularly if you read it with the understanding of how careful anyone has got to be, in liberal/progressive/Hollywood circles to be terrified of Trump.

Chip Ahoy said...

Horseshit analysis.

Who was whispering in Clinton's ear that it's a great idea to sell office of State to highest bidder and set up her own private server to launder the cash flowing from her various schemes? Who whispered in her ear better to attack uniquely American free speech protection by blaming a film for riots caused by her own actions as Secretary of State? And while we're on that who whispered in Clinton's ear that it was a good idea to create circumstance that invites riots and overthrowing Libya government by inviting chaos but with not real plan for support? Who whispered in Obama's ear to leave Iraq precipitously, that the real war is Afghanistan and then lose that one too? Who whispered in Obama's ear it's a good idea to embolden Iran and presume they're honest global operators? Who whispered in the Clinton's ears that it's a great idea to corrupt DOJ, and FBI so that neither department is trusted any longer? And who whispered in Obama's ear that the IRS is the perfect institution to crush his political challengers so that eventually his challengers organize and give us Trump? There's a lot of ear-whispering we can address in reversing this horseshit analysis that flows fro typical Hollywood perspective that refuses to allow anything similar on their own side, always so pristine, unmarred, and well-intentioned, no matter the straight up unAmerican means to get there. Stick to making amusing films. Vacant half-assed political analysis rejected.

Methadras said...

When Trump burns down the Capital building like Hitler burned down the Reichstag, then get back to me. This is nothing more than fantasy wish fulfillment that is typical of the left and how they perceive traditionally right thinking people and their representatives. OMG!!! You are anti-gay, anti-pro-abortion, anti-whatever and you want to kill people and stuff you fascist. It's this type of hysterical nonsensical bullshit that is driving these unhinged lunatics to the levels of civil damage and violence. Even if you prove to them that you are a normal person, their lunacy will not let them see the reality of who you are. So, they just paint you as a this anti-person who is going to do all kinds of horrible and evil things to them when all you want to do is cross a street unmolested. But if they agitate you to the point you defend yourself against their idiotic craziness, they point their fingers and go "SEE!!! SEE!!! We told you that he was a crazy fascist!!! SEE!!!" and their wish fulfillment is met.

That's why you can't win with these stooges. They have to be clubbed over the head like baby seals.s

The Toothless Revolutionary said...

That's why you can't win with these stooges. They have to be clubbed over the head like baby seals.s

Do you wear a brown shirt when you agitate for this violence you're so interested in?

Synova said...

It would be something, wouldn't it, to see people in brown shirts being violent on Trump's behalf? Instead we get celebrities advocating revolution and dingbats in black burning things and smashing Starbucks' windows.

We keep getting warned about the terrible right-wing threat of violence and oppression and we keep on having our cities burned and violence from the left.

It's like... they're so excited about the possibility of war that they can't stand to actually wait for the right to get their butts in gear with those brown shirts and jack boots. People will even say so... it's *pre-emptive* self-defense. Someone might say something bad so they have to break stuff now.

It boggles the mind.

The Toothless Revolutionary said...

It would be something, wouldn't it, to see people in brown shirts being violent on Trump's behalf?

Trump's goons tend to wear business suits - pinstripes and cufflinks optional. They don't like to get their hands dirty and would prefer to hire others to do it - no matter how much pleasure Trump says he'd get from (obviously fantasizing about) "punching that guy in the face."

But it's fun to see your crowd freak out about petty property crimes as if they're tantamount to crimes against a person. We all know you'd replace the people of this land with materialistic robots, if you could. People don't matter. Property does. It's the right-wing mantra.