Thursday, February 16, 2017

The press conference was fun..... but this is the real business of government.

President Trump had a press conference today where he bitch slapped the media. He called on all the whining press who were bitching that he didn't call on them. He answered everything. He will out last them in the end because they are lazy scum.

I heard someone on the radio say that this was the sort of crazy stuff that happens in the House of Commons during question time. Only this time it is the President vs the real opposition party....the press.

In the meantime President Trump is signing legislation and issuing orders and erasing burdensome regulations and the Democrats and the media are powerless to stop him. Contrast the blow dried scum bags in the press with the honest working men who were pathetically grateful to the man who is keeping his promises. Who is saving their jobs. Their industry. Our electrical grid. This is the real substance that happened today. Not the fake news about Russia. Not the nonsense about not calling on the mainstream media every time he takes a questions.

Real Americans. Real jobs. Real industries. Real accomplishments.


edutcher said...

The markets were going slightly down all day until this happened. They finished a bit up.

How much was due to Trump telling off the fourth Estate is up for grabs, but I think the idea of a Republican fighting back is going down well in the country.

PS I doubt The Blonde ever watched a press conference in her life before today, but she certainly loved this one.

Trooper York said...

I think regular people will be with him on this.

The testimony of this hard working coal miner is worth a thousand Chuck Todds or Jake Tappers.

Leland said...

I read the transcript at Rush, and the back and forth with Acosta. No shame. Acosta has none of it. Your network leaked questions to Hillary, and you want to talk about a faked "Russian" dossier from 4chan that talks about Trump making Hamarabe happen? Give it up dude. Sit down, because the hole your network has already dug is so low, MSNBC has better ratings. You just can't keep digging lower like that Jim.

Trooper York said...

Listen to this press conference Leland. Look at the Miners and the Mine Owners and the politicians. Even Mitch the Bitch and Rand. While the press was all distracted about bullshit he did this working with the Congress. Including smart Democrat like Manchin who realize that there is a lot of support for what President Trump is doing.

Misdirection. Squirrel. Get the press to run after the stick and set up the pipeline and get the coal mines open and get cheap energy and get jobs with new plants and businesses setting up here in America.

I think it was a pretty smart move myself.

Leland said...

I did see that Troop. And I agree, it is very smart. I was just like Rush though in laughing my ass off watching Trump play with Acosta like a cat plays with a mouse. If Jim had any self-respect, he would resign. He asked no question that was relevant to the Trump Presidency. He only asked questions about events from 2 months ago, which is not news. I didn't care about CNN before, but I haven't seen any sign they figured out what the news is, like Americans going back to work doing jobs they want to do and getting paid by someone other than Uncle Sam's soup kitchen to do them.

rcocean said...

Yeah, I love how Trump has flooded the zone. They - the MSM/Democrats - can only be "outraged" by one or two issues. The rest gets by without a much a peep.

All Trump has to do is say something about a key MSM issue like immigration or Russia and they go nuts. NPR is still talking about the travel ban, when Trump first issued it, they were running immigration/visa stuff 24/7 for two weeks.

Methadras said...

Watching leftists heads pop like over bulging zits not once from the press conference, but twice from the coal deregulation was particularly sweet. No fucks given.

AllenS said...

I have no regrets about voting for Trump.

Leland said...

I dunno Allen. With this schadenboner lasting for 4 weeks... well at some point we are supposed to call a doctor. But I'm not tired of winning yet.

Michael Haz said...

I watched this and there were tears in my eyes. Trump gets it, he gets how important jobs are to people and to families.

I wish there had been a Trump in the Oval Office in 2006-2012 when the housing industry collapsed and many hundreds of thousands of tradespeople and business owners lost their jobs, their companies, their homes, and nearly everything else. All they got was "hey, you should go to tech school and learn a new skill" which usually paid minimum wage and could be outsourced for even less to workers here illegally.

Bless you Mr. President.

Leland said...

All they got was "hey, you should go to tech school and learn a new skill"

Yep, and I was one of them, but I managed to avoid going back to school exactly, but I did have to learn an entirely new industry. I also did go and get certifications not required by my previous industry.

The industry I'm in now was nearly devastated last year, but managed to survive and is looking to prosper now under Trump. In fact, Trump just signed another bill today that rescinded Obama regulations making it easier for my industry to do business and be competitive in the global market.

bagoh20 said...

On "Morning Joe" today they were completely blown away that we could see such a thing from a President in a press conference. It was like they never saw the House of Commons, or if they did, they believe Great Briton to be some backward third world country. Mika was really insulted and disbelieving that Trump could be so crazy to think that people believe him more than the press. Well, the polls show just that. We do, and it's not so much that Trump is always right, but that you guys are so wrong, so consistently, and one-sidedly. If Trump was abducted by aliens, you would still suck. It's not his fault.

Trooper York said...

Thanks bags. I am glad that you see what is going on.

I saw media critic Howie Kurtz on YouTube ponticate on the press conference. Didn't mention this bill signing. It wa like it never happened

bagoh20 said...

As I argued a while back and Rush L. is saying now, Trump needs to ignore them and just keep implementing his agenda at a relentless pace that leaves the press constantly playing catch up and begging for access. Their attacks will get ignored if they are always yesterday's news. This is how Obama handled his endless scandals with the Right. He just kept doing a new one before you get the old one fleshed out. Eventually most people forgot the specifics of all except the most recent. A memory hole isn't really a hole. It's a pile.

Leland said...

I'm not sure I agree about the endless scandal aspect with Trump. I think he flips the scandal around. Wanna talk about hacking the election, then lets talk about CNN providing Hillary questions to a debate? Wanna talk about private negotiations on Russia, then lets talk about how a private conversation got recorded by the NSA using classified systems and the press got the transcript? Wanna talk about the administration not running smoothly; let me introduce you to the new head of the EPA? Wanna talk about the mass exodus in State, let me tell you how many more HR cuts we have planned?

And the thing is, Trump supporters want to talk about what Trump is talking about, and couldn't give a piss about WaPo, NYT, CNN, and many others getting skipped over in press conferences or asking stupid questions about an obvious fake report suggesting Trump visited the Cincinnati Zoo.

Then there are the things that the press doesn't even want to cover, which is Trump having his way with EO's (only 1 stopped so far, he's batting over .900, and the one stopped is stepping up for a second pitch) and Congressional resolutions (He's signed two that role back Obama regulations). And Trump's smart in staying away from a tit-for-tat, by not pointing out Obama's own scandals named Bill Richardson and Tom Daschle. That would just set a scorecard for Congressional Democrats to try and beat; and I rather they just continue losing like they are.

Trooper York said...

You are exactly right Leland. The press is really not focusing in on the important stuff. Like the new EPA commissioner who is going to clean out the EPA and trash a bunch of their ridiculous regulations.

That would have been wall to wall coverage with the climate changers and environmental wackos pissing and moaning. But like the two pipelines and the coal miners and a bunch of other stuff they just can't handle it. They can not talk about more than one thing at time. They are like the dog trying to drink out of a garden hose. The press only cares about the press.

Misdirection is the key. Keep them chasing the squirrel and put substantial accomplishments on the board.