Monday, January 2, 2017

The liberals and the mainstream media never fail to amaze me.

If you followed two stories this weekend you will be like me and be amazed at the hypocrisy and stupidity of the Democrats, liberals and the main stream media. Of course they are all the same people in all three categories and they are very consistent in their blatant stupidity.

First there is the nonsense about the so called Russian Hacks that they are lying about and saying the Russians "hacked" the election. That implies that they voting machines and the count was somehow hacked by the Russians. Which not even the politicized intelligence community will try to claim to delegitimize Trump. As Trump so correctly stated these are the same chumps who said there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and let the Bushes use it as a pretext to start a war to protect the Saudi oil interests. Or at least that is what every Democrat has screamed about for the last twenty years. Of course who led the parade? McCain and Lady Graham who are right there now trying to start a war with Russia. They are over in the Ukraine right now telling them that America is behind them and will fight with them against Russia. What the fuck? Where are these Democrats who were against the war in Iraq. You know. Biden. Kerry. Sanders. The whole crew. Why are they beating the drum against Russia and ratcheting up the conflict to the point that they might start a war? Because they can't accept that the American People rejected a shrieking feminist harpy and repudiated the legacy of an affirmative action President.They can't stand it. The can't believe it. So they will put the United States into mortal danger in service of their party.

The second story is the golfing action in Florida this weekend. Trump dumped the press and went golfing and was approached by a writer who wrote a nasty book about him with a bunch of lies that the press tried to use to bring Trump down with during the campaign. This asshole tried to start up with Trump and he had him kicked off his golf course. Guess who was in his foursome? David Koch. You know the guy that Harry Reid and the Democrats think is Satan. The rich dude who buys up Republican Politicians like Little Marco and Wimpy Walker and all the rest. The guy that Trump repudiated and said that he didn't need his money. This asshole brings this writer to Trumps golf course to start shit. Only to increase the enmity between Trump and Kochs. I thought the Democrats hated Koch?

So here are two instances that just illustrate the hypocrisy of the Democrat/liberal/media group think. Repudiating the war drums spun out by phony CIA intelligence and neocon war hawks is now not Presidential. Repudiating the influence of the Koch brothers in politics is the wrong thing to do. These mooks take the exact opposite position because it is Trump doing it instead of Bernie Sanders. They won't take yes for an answer. Will they do the same thing about infrastructure spending? Offering jobs to poor people in the inner city? Opening energy sources to stimulate the economy? 

They just don't get it. It is going to be a bizzaro next four years.

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