Tuesday, January 3, 2017

WKLREM-TV: YOU ARE TERMINATED ..........Get to the Chopper!

First night of the new Celebrity Apprentice tonight.

I didn't get to see it but I DVRed it so I will catch it later.

Hey pay attention. We might be seeing the next President of the United States.


chickelit said...

Arnold really didn't do jack shit for California except for getting rid of Gray Davis. At this point, you could credit Trump for "getting rid" of Hillary. But Trump hasn't cured us of Obamanism -- yet.

Lem said...

Rush used to call Gray Davis -- Greyout Davis, after Davis instituted so called rolling "brownouts" to save electricity.

Methadras said...

No fucking way should Arnold get anywhere near the presidency. I like the guy, but he wasn't a good force for California as governor. He folded more times than a bad poker hand.

Trooper York said...

I was joking about Arnold but I think the next Democratic nominee might very well be a celebrity instead of a politician. I bet some of them will have the idea that if Trump can do so can they.

Think of the possibilities.

Tom Hanks.
Jon Stewart.
Colin Kapernick.

Ok the last one is a joke. I think Stewart would run out of ego and would get unanimous media support. Hanks would be the best move for the Democrats. A beloved actor with a long term stable marriage. A sort of Jimmy Stewart type. Or as close as we come because he is not a war hero but still.

Oprah of course is the big Kahuna. She hits all the boxes. If she wants it she gets it and you know what? She would have a very good chance to win. I don't think she would run against Trump if he went for a second term but then I don't Trump will run for reelection. So she might very well be the one.