Friday, December 2, 2016

Creatures of the Desert World, National Geographic

Skipper shows us his pop-up book.

Nicely done, Skipper.

Now doesn't that look like fun? Educational too. 

See, you can drive across an arid part of the United States with your kid in the back seat looking out the window to apparently naked barren landscape and their imaginative mind will be filled with wonder and the certainty of all that is out there. 

You should buy one.

Marked down on Amazon from $19.00 to $12.84 for Prime members. Here.

Available used for low as $8.28  (4.29 + 3.99 shipping)
Also available used at Abebooks for $5.20 (3.63. + 1.57 shipping) 


deborah said...

Aw, he did a good job. I still have my kids' two NatGeo pop-up books. Over 20 years old by now... Animals of Australia and Whales. A little worse for the wear, but not too bad, considering all the times they were read and worked.

chickelit said...

Chip, have you considered a pop-up Nativity scene?

Chip Ahoy said...

Yes, Chick, I have considered that.

Would you like to see it? Posted here last year.

That was whipped out without prototype, an envelope fashioned for it and "For You" written on the front and tied with a red ribbon. I think. Maybe a string. Then I set it on the floor in my hallway halfway to the elevator on the opposite side of my apartment so that it wouldn't be associated with me and somebody on my floor passing by coming or going would see it. The envelope was picked up within an hour. I think. Quickly at any rate. And that was the last that I heard of it. Nobody reported to office, and there was no feedback.

I hope whoever picked it up likes it. Because I had to color all those people and animals both sides.

Eric the Fruit Bat said...

Seems fun and kind of educational.

I like that.